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Sigisar Wallia, Markgraf von Horstkopf

Sigisar Wallia grew up in the court of Margravate of Horstkopf. His father, Aleric (married to Amala, now deceased), is the Margrave von Horstkopf. Sigisar would spend his days learning literature and martial skills with his older brothers Gunteric (heir to the estate, but childless and married to Gisela), Vilaris (rogue/penitent knight), and younger brother Roderic (an amiable friar). However, as one of the younger brothers, Sigisar would not be granted an inheritance from his family, so he decided to strike out on adventure for fame and wealth. At a young age, Sigisar acted as a page for the neighboring keep, where he met Herr Agiwulf from the Order of Tungrisch Knights. He became squire to Agiwulf, and an initiate into the Tungrisch Knights. One day, he planned to return home after claiming his own estate in conquest.   Sigisar was away from my family as the plague ravaged Horstkopf. While nearby, I received a letter informing me that I had a new baby sister, Melisande, and so thought it would be good to return and see to my family. While in the village of Bärendorf outside the Schloss Horstkopf, he heard the news that my mother had died in the days following childbirth. In Bärendorf he came across two travelers, Manfred and Kaleb, who needed a place to stay so he took them on as manservants as he felt Gaal lead him. Once inside the castle he was reacquainted with my family, as well as uncle Renfrid. Other people at the castle included his second cousin Narcissa and the Freiherr Kaspar, with his sister Winifred. While Sigisar was away, his brother Vilaris was betrothed to Winifred; however, due to my Vilaris' reputation, Freiherr Kaspar reduced the regular size of the dowry. In an attempt to increase the dowry, the Margrave asked Sigisar to be a suitor to Winifred. However she already seemed to be unprepared to marry Vilaris, much less his younger brother. When trying to broach the subject with her, she became angry as if Sigisar was the cause of her sorrows. She likely feels as a pawn in her brother's ambitions. Sigisar was hoping to have the opportunity to speak to Kaspar during the hunt, but instead I only spoke with his father about postponing the betrothal declaration in respect for my mother's funeral. While this buys him some time to search for the will of Gaal, he is sure the time will only strengthen my father's resolve to have him as the groom.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
190 lbs.
Ecumenical Faith

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