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The Harbor City of Yent

The city at the heart of the Duchy of Yent, the ducal seat of the small state

The safe harbor city most key to the economy of the Duchy of Yent, and home to much of its population, this small city of the same name is home to Duke Caskriver himself.


  1. Human (Abristani) - 25%
  2. Human (Astean) - 20%
  3. Human (Other) - 20%
  4. Multiracial - 10%
  5. Genasi- 5%
  6. Aarakocran - 5%
  7. Green-Bloods - 5%
  8. Triton - 3%
  9. Tortle - 2%
  10. All Other Races - 5%


The Duchy of Yent is controlled by the Duke, whose seat is located in the city of Yent. The current Duke is one Duke Caskriver.   The Ducal Estate. The mansion home of Duke Caskriver in the city of Yent. The big house is four stories tall, with an attic and basement as well. The guest house adjacent stands a mere three stories. Servants have reported being able to travel between the two via basement passages. There is a small stables on the site of the estate, a kennel for both hounds and guard dogs, and a guard house by the gate. Typically, a dozen of the cities best guards are stationed in and around the home of the Duke, not including the Duke's chief personal bodyguards: Reynaldo and Toulouse. At least one of the two is with him at all times while the other leads the defense of the estate.


The city is surrounded by a 30 foot, solid stone wall with machicolations and towers boasting large, deadly ballistae. There is only one primary gate in and out and it is possible to seal it with two portcullis gates. The defenders may then counterattack from the walls and ceiling above the attackers. The Old Fort sits just behind the wall and stands at least 50 feet tall. It too is made of thick stone and boasts the guard's primary barracks, smithy, stables, and armory.   The Old Fort. An old stone fort and primary barracks for the Ducal Guard of Yent. The otter and clam shell banner hangs proudly above the gates. The fort is said to date back to the Age of War, when it was originally constructed by servants of the titans. Some local patriots enlarge the legend by claiming it was shaped by the hands of a titan directly. While the fort still stands in good condition, and was well crafted, it is not likely to be the work of a titan's hands itself. The captain of the ducal guard has his quarters here; an greasy, aristocratic type by the name of Captain Theobald Rufius. Rufius is very much the Duke's man and was appointed to his position early in the Duke's reign.


The Duke's Market. A street market owned and overseen by the duke. It is located right on the main street of town, just a short walk outside the grounds of the Ducal Estate. The duke's servants frequent the market to purchase the best of its wares for their master. Even the Duke himself makes fairly frequent appearances, along with a few members of the guard. It is said to be impossible to open a stand in the market without the favor of the Duke, bought or earned. It operates from just dawn until dusk every day except for the observation of major holidays.   Sand Runner Stables. The primary stables available to travelers visiting the city of Yent. The stables are positioned near the city gate and guard barracks for convenient entry and processing. The guard do not use this stables as they have their own within the grounds of the old fort. The proprietor is a mild mannered, middle aged Yentish man named Samuel Diggs. He is assisted by his spirited teenage daughter Gwen.   Forgefire's Smithy. The only professional smithy in town outside of the barracks. Private citizens can purchase quality arms and armor here from the professionally trained Fire Genasi master smith. Rumor has it he had a bit of an adventurous past before settling down in the Duchy for the time being. No one knows how long he'll stick around.


The city of Yent boasts a particularly large and efficient dock network, with a modest shipyard to boot. The city does not have a sewer proper, but their are drainage ditches that keep the streets from flooding in bad weather. The main road into the city, along with the more significant city streets, are paved with smooth stones. The fields outside the city are well irrigated and a number of windmills dot the surrounding countryside,


Shoreline Sanctuary. An old and well-venerated temple to the Gods Between, particularly Aquaran, Lord of the Waves. Aura is given the position of 2nd highest honor, with Terra and finally Ignus relegated to smaller, more poorly cared for corners of the sanctuary. High Priest Pond, leads the congregation here. She is a female water genasi who has long been a resident of the Duchy and is a known ally to the Duke. She has a powerful presence and is popular among the populace for her charity and strength of character.   The Resonant Aetherium. A modest temple to the God's Above. Formerly more draconic in nature, the decor has primarily shifted to the more modern alien humanoid aesthetic. Some draconic gargoyles remain on the corners of the building. A descended cleric manages the temple and holds occasional services. His name is Reverend Father Josias, and the locals aren't too sure what to think of him. Some see him as a boon to the community, as his church does perform some charitable works. Others are suspicious of his otherworldly nature, including a pair of vestigial upside down wings, and more remote deities he reveres.   Madame Majorca's. This fairly large, but otherwise nondescript beach-side hut is home to a local wise woman, shaman, or witch, depending on who you ask. There are only a few noticeable signs on the exterior that might give this away to the magically initiated. Men rarely cross the door of this domicile, but women often come visiting in the early hours or after dark. Frequently, they come cloaked or hooded against curious locals.   Psycho Stadium. The primary arena for the city of Yent, owned by Duke Caskriver. It is frequented largely by sailors and pirates. The arena, though smallish, has a widely known reputation for the quality and violence of its shows. The Duke finances the entertainments here generously and often attends the larger, higher-end weekend shows himself. Some say he invites potential business partners to negotiate with him in his private box while they are captivated or intimidated by the ongoing slaughter below.   The Drowned Rat. This small dive bar is marked by the sign a drunk rat's head peeking out of a mug of ale. The proprietor, Black Jack, is a half-blind elderly tortle. His shell is covered in scars and nautical tattoos. Business is poor, as few wish to drink so close to the Madame's Hut.

Guilds and Factions

Stowaway's Grave. A pub and gaming den that also functions as a faction outpost for the Freemarketeers. The first bartender and owner of the establishment is a Benjamin Frakes, a retired human corsair. He has a few noticeable burns on his hands and arms and more than a few small scars. A wry, freckled man with fiery red hair, he is a loyal, ranking member of the faction. As the highest ranking faction member, who is also a permanent resident of the city, he tends to run day to day local operations for the Freemarketeers. The number of quality of support he has to draw on depends on the number of ships and crew currently in port at any given time.   The Constable and the Hound. A local pub that caters primarily to members of the Ducal Guard and sits near the Estate grounds. The landlord of the pub is a disgruntled former member of the guard with more than a bit of a chip on his shoulder. Jim Fisher was relieved from the guard by the Duke, several years back for being overly critical of his regime. He speaks openly of his feeling that the duke is too soft on the criminal element in the city. Some of the young guard see him as a joke, but he still has some allies in former comrades from the old guard.   Rook's Rest. Rumor has it a small group of Aarakocran smugglers operates out of the rocks just off the coast on the quieter end of the city. Their leader is a Corvid Aarakocra who goes by Rook. He and his gang are survivors, but they do not have the blackest of reputations and perhaps could be worth bargaining with.   The Yentish Fish. A shady dive bar that serves particularly bad Yentish food and drink. Few customers are ever seen coming and going, and the ones that are noticed are of a secretive breed. They stand apart from the typical breed of sailor that frequents the port of Yent, and they are not known members of the Freemarketeers. Some urchins from the neighborhood report these tavern goers to have a strange foreign cast to their features and an unusual accent to the speech. In a city where the garden variety criminal may operate fairly openly, what sort find it necessary to hide their doings to this degree?


The City of Yent has always been the heart of the Duchy bearing the same name. Yent was originally founded as an independent minor port town in the during the Age of War. The town was controlled by the southern titanic powers at that time. Its main purpose was to move weapons and supplies towards the western draconic territories.    Later, when the fledgling human nation of Abristan began consolidating its power in the region, they captured Yent early on to serve as the primary salt water port for the new Griffon Empire. The surrounding areas were turned over to farming to support the growing port, which had now become a small city.   When the empire disbanded, Yent once more became an independent state, with the city at its core. The leader of the state was a former duke within the empire, and the title has remained ever since. The ducal seat lies in the center of the city.


The typical dwelling within the city of Yent is made of timber-framed using rough exposed timber, has a white washed exterior (often gone gray), and a roof of thick thatch. The city's few religious structures are built primarily of stone and timber, as is the Ducal Mansion. His mansion has a fine tiled roof as well. The Old Fort and much of the city wall are built of thick, ancient, finely cut stones. They remain strong and functional to this day.


The capital of Yent sits atop a hill that overlooks most of the Duchy's territory. The Old Fort and the Ducal Estate represent the highest points in the land. Ready access to both salt and fresh water profit the Duchy greatly.

Natural Resources

  • The fairly deep, salt water inlet that the city is located beside for commerce and privateering
  • A healthy fresh water aquifer located beneath the city for drinking and washing water
  • Relatively flat, fertile land for farming and raising pigs, goats, sheep, and fowl
  • Lumber taken from forests within the boundaries of the duchy
  • Nearby salt deposits that are mined for local use and trade

Approximately 18,800
Inhabitant Demonym
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The Duchy of Yent
Duke Caskriver
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