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The Duchy of Yent

A small state that primarily trades by sea and farms nearby lands

Author Credit: Mark of Mareth | Artist Credit: Nele Diel
The Duchy of Yent was once a part of the Griffon Empire in ages past, and still has a large Abristani population. Though it remains a relatively small city, it has been growing during the recent years of peace and independence. It is a trade city, profiting from it's location on the sheltered inlet known as 'The Claw'. The nearby lands are fairly fertile as well, so that the central city and surrounding villages are mostly self-sufficient.


  1. Human (Abristani) - 35%
  2. Human (Astean) - 25%
  3. Human (Other) - 20%
  4. Multiracial - 5%
  5. Genasi - 3%
  6. Aarakocra - 2%
  7. Green-Bloods - 2%
  8. Triton - 2%
  9. Tortle - 1%
  10. All Others 5%


The Duchy of Yent is controlled by the Duke, whose seat is located in the city of Yent. The current Duke is one Duke Caskriver.


The city of Yent has a number of defensive measures in place that would make it fairly difficult to take through force of arms. The surrounding countryside remains fairly undefended besides local constables and patrols of ducal guard coming and going from the city (particularly to defend the duke's tax collectors).

Guilds and Factions

The Duke has allied Yent closely with the Freemarketeers in recent years. The Pirate Queen herself has been seen within the Duchy on a few occasions. Rare indeed, considering she supposedly spends most of her life aboard her mighty flagship. Occasionally fairly significant members of the R&R company will come to do business in the Duchy as well, though they are less common than their naval allies.


The Duchy is relatively flat, but the port city of Yent is located on a gentle hill. The Duke's Estate and the Old Barrack's in particular sit higher than any other structures in the Duchy. Only some hills well outside the city stand taller. This means that an attacking enemy would be denied a superior vantage point at least.

Natural Resources

Easy access to both the sea, and fresh water are two key resources of Yent. This is part of the reason why the worship of Aquaran, Defender of Safe Passage, has always been strong here.

Alternative Name(s)
The Empire's Port
Approximately 86,500
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Duke Caskriver
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