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The Dockside Carnival

A bawdy district of the city of Yent that abuts the docks on the inlet

District Overview

The 'Carnival' of Yent is not necessarily a family affair. The area typically referred to as a part of the carnival contains several pubs, brothels, and various shops of ill-repute. The crowning gem of this dockside district is The Psycho Stadium⁣⁣, a particularly nasty combat arena for brutal pit fights. 

Crime and Safety

The exterior of the carnival is patrolled heavily by the ducal guard, but inside the carnival, gangs of sailors and pirates largely run the docks. Entertainment and pleasure are easy to come by, but it can be a dangerous area, particularly after night fall. The locals will tell you that more than one naive visitor has woken to find themselves in the hold of a pirate vessel. 

Rival Factions The Freemarketeers are the undisputed leaders of the district, but there are multiple groups within the faction inside the city. Further, there are some other criminal crews and street gangs that operate more independently. 
District Establishments Sailor's Delight: A particularly popular brothel painted in warm sunset colors. The brothel hosts a well appointed bar and fine quality rooms on the upstairs floors.

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