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Driftwood Keep

Freemarketeer outpost of the Western Aethean Sea

Early in the morning your ship sails through the misty fog of the Aethean Sea. Suddenly, the lookout calls out from the crow's nest, "Wrecks dead ahead Cap'n! There's so damn many of 'em!" You nod knowingly and signal your first mate. He quickly raises a horn and lets out three long blasts into the unknown as a a wall of derelict ships becomes visible off the bow. You take the wheel and begin to steer the ship through the wrecks. Soon, you come through the debris and as the fog clears a sheltered bay becomes visible complete with crooked docks hidden among this graveyard of vessels. You grin knowing that you have safely arrived at Driftwood Keep, and it's time for a little shore leave.


Driftwood Keep is largely populated by members of the savage races mixed with lower class humans from various human nations, particularly along the western coast of Mareth. There are fair number of Aaracockra present at any given time as well due to the relatively nearby Aaracockra nest.

Demographics 30% Human 30% Orc-Blooded 10% Ogrin 10% Goblin 5% Trollkin 5% Feytouched 5% Aaracockra 5% Other


Driftwood Keep is a dictatorship run by 'Big Mama' Dee, who is a powerful Ogrin woman with a potent personality. She does have trade and arms deals with the Freemarketeers, who she allows to use her settlement as an outpost as well. She is not officially a member of the Freemarketeers herself, she just looks out for number one. It is rumored that she may have a silent partner among the elven nobility as well. For one reason or another, they help to keep the elven navy from looking too closely at corner of the Aethean sea where Driftwood Keep lies.


The Ring of Wrecks

Location: By accident, and then eventually by intention, a ring of shipwrecks has developed around the mouth of Fall Moon Isle. The Captain o’ the Guard – Latur Frosthand (older dwarven woman, powerfully built, colorblind – Can see an opening in any defense and weighs the pros and cons before deciding)


Driftwood Keep – Wooden (Repurposed Ship Lumber) Privateer Regional Stronghold

Location: A smaller island to the North of the central one, further within the cavern. Big Mama – Dee Licious (Formidable, Athletic Ogrin Female, Braided Greying Hair and Deep Black Eyes – Quick Temper, Arrogant, Competitive, Genuinely Powerful Leader)


The Byways

Location: Gated entry/exit channels between Eastwatch Cave and interior. Guard Staff – 2 Keep Guards at each gated entrance at all times.


The Driftwood Docks

Location: These are the docks outside of the interior cavern, they are tight, and somewhat maze-like, being built into Ring of Wrecks, sheltered by the remains of older, heavily used vessels. Junior Dockmaster – Thea Mistsplitter (young, handsome female human pirate, plays fair and judges by actions)

The Interior Docks

Location: These interior docks are reserved for larger, more important (and more respected vessels). Dockmaster – Forthwind (Foulwind) Laughingsteel (older, ugly half-elven male - obstinate, easy to anger, easily insulted, hates fair play)


The Black Barrel – Low to Fair Quality Inn and Tavern

Location: The center of the main island within the cavern. Proprietor – Orgug Tuskwolf (Old Orcish Pickpocket – Overweight, long braided hair – defuses tensions, a little conceited, stretches stories – Contact for the Unchained Army). Butcher/Cook – Faadbi (Young Female Dragonborn with green scales and golden eyes, noble features – non-religious, sarcastic, hardworking, self-reliant)


Scavver’s Cavern – Magic Trinket Shop

Location: Along the eastern edge of the central isle. Proprietor – Rose Serpentwind (Middle Aged Human Female Artificer – Lean, scars, mohawk – Crude sense of humor but strongly a pacifist)


The Well-Honed Knife – Pirate Arms and Armor Shop

Location: Along the western edge of the central isle. Proprietor – Kada Smeltmaster (Adult Female Mountain Dwarf with short auburn hair and smooth greyish skin – Very Competitive while generally lazy, misquotes proverbs/sayings)


Within the cavern where most of the settlement lies, there is a sprawling ramshackle tavern by the name of the Black Barrel. The Well-Honed Knife sells weapons and armor to privateers in need. Then there is Scavver's Cavern - a magical trinket shop where the gimmick is that your purchases must be made blind by reaching into a small cave and pulling out the mystery item. Finally, there are a number of small shacks and huts along the back of the cavern, close to the keep proper. There, a sailor with a few coins to his name can have a good time - so long as he follows the rules of Big Mama Dee.

Guilds and Factions

The Whitewood Building – R&R Company Regional Outpost

Location: Located at the rear of the central island, beside the bridge to the keep proper. Regional Officer – Duraina de Mowbray (40-ish Human Female Merchant, short, braided black hair with blue gray eyes – tall and lean – is very generous, carries food in her pockets, acts on impulse but has good instincts/judgement)

Alternative Name(s)
The Pirates' Graveyard
Outpost / Base
700-900 (highly variable population due to temporary residents on shore leave)
Location under
Aetheas the Eternal
Owning Organization
The Freemarketeers

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