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Mother Trees

Each country has its own mother tree that protects and nourishes the people that live around it. The roots act as a barrier against the fiendish abiminations that threaten the world. These gigantic trees are seen as a beacon of hope for the people's survival, without them they are sure to perish.


Each tree is different in respect to their soil. For example, in the Faeding Vales the Sun and Moon Weeping Wisteria reflects the golden light from the sun. At night it reflects the pale glow of the moon in a blue and white luminescence.   The Great Sea Cypress provides much shade and in Summer produces fruit, Kochia, that can be harvested at this time. Instead using her roots in the form of a shield, she uses spirit magic to form a barrier around the island. The leaves change in contrast to the colour of the current sand. On particularly hot days the tree will rain cold water from her leaves.   In Little's Edge is where the Rocky White Aspen sits and spreads her branch-like wings over the cove on each side of her. This Mother Tree has many shades of colour over the season, from winter-white to green of grass and golden crown, and in Autumn orange-yellow to red. This tree is the best to predict each coming season.


These trees get their nutrients from water and in abundance, however it is unclear where such an amount exists. They harbour a spirit magic that cannot be drawn from at will, but rather they give their spirit magic to people at appropriate times of rejuvenation: when they sleep. The spirit magic it has strengthens the roots, so the abominations can't force their way through while others use different methods of protection.

Metaphysical, Elemental


Kingdom of the Faeding Vales - Weeping Wisteria of the Sun and Moon.   Waters Elv - Great Sea Cypress.   Little's Edge - Rocky White Aspen.

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28 Dec, 2020 15:11

This is such an interesting idea. The trees you describe sound absolutely beautiful! <3

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
29 Dec, 2020 00:27

Thanks so much again, Emy! Thanks for the read <3 I'm hoping to get more down on these mysterious mother trees. ~^^~

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