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Spirit Magic or Spirit is from the source of all creation, Breath of Life from the Bright One Himself. He breathed spirit into all humans as a reflection of His Nature: Spirit. A dark seed sprouted from one of the Bright One's closest stars and corrupted His creation which birthed Abominations into the world. This star's seed grew and blossomed into darkness, and became known as the Red Dragon and since then, he and his fallen stars have sown the seed of darkness into the hearts of the Bright One's creation: humankind.

Rough Premise

Two protagonists are divinly called and invited into a new life with the Bright One. They are set out to find six pieces of the Bright One's Armour for the prophetic and inevitable War of Souls. Upon their adventurous journey learning about this new life, the two find themselves thrust into dangerous situations and foes that obstruct their every move from obtaining such armour.