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The White Queen Rebellion

The White Queen’s Rebellion is the colloquial name for the peasant revolt after the death of the Black King, who the people believed was murdered by his Queen in order for one of her children to take the throne. The people rebelled against the obvious ploy, leading to the Black King’s intended heir, The Shadow Prince, peacefully putting down the rebellion and taking over control of the country.

The Conflict


The Black King and his Queen had a bizarre relationship with both their people and each other. The King was corrupt and easy to manipulate. He was essentially just the puppet of the Royal Court - The Black King might have been the head of state, but the Royal Court was the neck, and the neck could turn the head any which way it wanted. That being said, the majority of the kingdom liked the King personally, he had the kind of charisma of someone you just wanted to watch (even if you were watching for the trainwreck alone). The Queen on the other hand was never really accepted by her people. A daughter of the isolated StarSet Kingdom, her personal ideals and worldviews classed with the general population at every turn. She never learned the political savvy of making someone else like you.     Personally, the King and Queen couldn’t seem to stand each other. They had four children together, each one thought to be more greedy, lazy, and senseless than the next, and it goes without saying that they were not well-liked by the public either. It was practically court tradition to glance away as they screamed at each other in public, gossiping about the royal family behind their back. Most citizens had at least one story of them overhearing the royals threatening to kill one another. They just never thought it would happen.   Most people were hoping for a succession crisis. The King had two illegitimate sons with one of his army generals, Lyra D’Rapier. The younger son, the Shadow Prince, was always said to have a great strategic mind and the heart of a warrior.

The Engagement

Morning of Holy Day a scream could be heard coming from the palace, breaking the early morning calm. The Black King was found dead in his bedchamber, butchered to pieces. The rumors started immediately – it must have been the White Queen. She rushed to try and calm the people, but they never had listened to her before. Her oldest child rushed to crown themselves monarch. The people were not having it. Rebellion broke out all over the city and the city guard were either overrun or they joined the protests themselves.     The army, which The Shadow Prince had taken out of the city before the conflict on its regularly scheduled training exercises, was called back to help free the capital from its irate citizens. By now, people were flooding in from far-flung in the countryside to protest. Many in the army were not happy with their lot in this – they had no desire to serve the new monarch and his corrupt court. It was then the Shadow Prince devised his plot.   He convinced the army to march back to retake the capital but to support him as the new monarch. They faced some resistance at the beginning – it was during this time the mob had broken into the palace and cut off the White Queen’s head – the Shadow Prince broke through to the palace and declared himself King and that all bloodshed to stop. The speech he gave at the palace’s parapet was rumored to be so profound, that the crowd watched in silence until a roar of cheer went up.
Conflict Type
Start Date
8.15 - 2070
Ending Date
8.22 - 2070

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2 Aug, 2022 01:56

I really like the family conflict of this article. As well as the mystery of the Black King’s death. I’m interested in learning more about the Shadow Prince.

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4 Aug, 2022 23:44

A bastard son being a favorite for the throne, by the people and not the court is my favorite part of the politics in this article. Good stuff.