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The Shadow King

His Royal Majesty Rhys Petrosian D’Rapier (a.k.a. The Shadow King)

The Shadow King of the fae kingdoms is the first king in two centuries to have come to power through rebellion instead of peaceful hereditary succession (and most say it was long past due).  The bastard son of the murdered Black King, Rhys took up the mantel as King, and ruled for the first time in the memory of most with an iron fist and a steady hand for keeping corruption out of the kingdom.  He is beloved by his people, fixing many of their issues and seeming to always care about their problems, but the older members of the previous royal court, members that were in power when the Black King could be swayed to whichever side they wish, not-so-secretly hate the Shadow King for their loss of control.  The Shadow King is not one to let anyone get away with anything, and the old advisors hate the Shadow King's suspicion of them (correctly so, many of them had a hand in the killing of the previous king in an effort to bring the White Queen to the throne).     The Shadow King's reign might still be in its infancy, but even in that time, he has put down The White Queen's Rebellion, and the following Field Peasant Rebellion (stemming from a past concern farmers had about the price of their crops being dropped so much that they were essentially in constant debtors prison to their crops - The Shadow King stabilized food prices and clamped down on predatory bank practices).  The Shadow King restricted the military to make it more efficient, cutting out many of the higher-ups that were only a bloat to the system in favor of better wages and conditions for the common soldier.  He has passed legislation to get better education and healthcare to the more remote parts of the continent and has started to look into more land-based trading routes in addition to the rivers to promote more of a travel of goods.    The Shadow King is known for his short temperament.  He does not suffer fools or people that waste his time.  He prefers efficiency in all matters, and this preference does not make him the most charismatic. Tales of his violence and rage were once popular to spread about at the start of his reign, but have now all but been forgotten as rumor.   Over all, while the Shadow King might be feared, both for his power and knowledge, and rumors swirl about his connection to magic and how he really got the name the Shadow King, he is a good king and his people admire him for that.
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Grandmaster tlcassis
Tlcassis Polgara | Arrhynsia
7 Aug, 2022 02:26

In story space, it seems like if the Black King was murdered to put the White Queen on the throne, that there should have been some resistance to his ascension to the throne. Did the murderers just let him take the throne they worked so hard to make available to the White Queen? Just curious...

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Eternal Sage Wordigirl
LexiCon (WordiGirl)
13 Aug, 2022 11:29

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