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The Rainbow Wraith

"I've been locked in that sanctuary my entire life. But the world is out there, and I intend to see it." - Yulia Todd
    The Rainbow Wraith is an Aerial Home Ship, Class M (multi-family grade) that has been modified by it's Captain Maiia Anatola and crew to facilitate the exploration, artistic documentation, and experimentation as they travel the islands as members of the Magic Artist Potion Society. To this end, several of the ship's larger rooms have been repurposed to art studios, workrooms, and potion labs. The ship is named after the orphanage Maiia, Astrid, and Halle all cycled through, The Rainbow Joy Children's Home, on a joke that the three of them disappeared from the place like ghosts.   Maiia Anatola came to be the captain of the Rainbow Wraith when she won it off a bet from her mentor Veronika Kowal. Veronika always told Maiia that she wasn't ready to sail her own ship until she could pilot one, without the aid of any of the computerized automation systems, through a Stardust Storm. Veronika was sure this was an impossible task, having given it to all her previous proteges, but she didn't know that Maiia didn't mean to take it on alone. Maiia called on her two closest childhood friends: Astrid York, who had just graduated with her third engineering master's and could fix anything, and Halle Eaton, who had spent the previous five years as head navigator on EastAngleia's blessed run to mining port supply ships. As a team, the three sailed right through the Stardust Storm , and into possession of their own futures for the first time in all of their lives. Having essentially won their freedom, they decided they wanted to become explorers, and signed on with the Magical Artist Potion Society, taking missions to explore the greater world.   Ship engineer Astrid York is constantly making improvements to the ship, whether strengthening the hull with jadeite plating so the ship can travel through, instead of around, The Misted Mountains or re-rigging the sail to make travel through the The Crystal Salt Flats quicker than any other ship of it's kind. A ship this size would normally need twice as many crew members to keep it running, but Astrid has the ship running so efficiently, that The Rainbow Wraith can run with just Maiia Anatola as it's captain and pilot, Halle Eaton as the captain's second and navigator, Astrid York as engineer (chief tinkerer, as she likes to call herself), Emmi Bean as science officer, who is responsible for maintaining ship's garden-able food supply, and Zasha Riley the diplomatic liaison on board, who handles all matters of security and interacting with the local populations they encounter.    They are currently carrying one long term passenger, sketchbook artist Yulia Todd.  Yulia and the crew have been hired by Katiya Todd, the current head of the Magical Artist Potion Society, to find and document a number of nearly extinct species that are rumored to still exist in The Beyond.
by lia_anna
2021-09-17 09.37.36 -edit.jpg
by lia_anna
The Bow
egredi et crea
30 meters
155 meters
50 meters
132,813 lbs
180 mph top speed; 50 mph avg. speed
Complement / Crew
1 captain, 4 crew members
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
4 passengers, 1500 cargo capacity

Ship Layout

Roof Top Garden

-Experimental garden of potted and hydroponic plants (used for potion ingredients) -Water collection system  

Top Deck

-Navigation Bridge; includes sails and ship's wheel - used to steer the ship -Observation Deck; includes ship's globe, three telescopes, and two observation desks  

Deck Level

-Outdoor living area; including three artist workstations, and areas for outdoor dining and lounge area -Workroom; covered work area for eight (under the navigation bridge) -Potion room; including work areas for four and technical library  

Main Level

-Captain's quarters; including captain's private bathroom -Six private crew quarters and four private bath quarters -Storage; both midship, with two separate rooms toward the rear for food and water storage (and processing)  

2nd Level

-Public crew living area for lounging and dining -Industrial kitchen -Infirmary; with one sickbed -Small art studio, with room for two occupants -two rooms of hydroponic plants to supplement food supply -Engine room; includes all ship controls and systems -Additional midship storage and cargo bay

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30 Sep, 2021 18:18

Well written article and nice map. Nice job on the descriptions of what is on each level, and good job on including the often overlooked water storage.   one slight grammar thing, i would drop one of the "rumored"s in your last sentence. and possibly break it into 2 sentences. the first explaining who the passenger is, the 2nd explaining her task.

As always, it would be appreciated if you would stop by my challenge article The Storm Giant Empire and leave some feedback.   If you are looking for things to read from summer camp there is also my Summer Camp 2022 Reading Challenge.. Happy worldbuilding.