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Sew It Seams

Sew It Seams is the top dress shop in Gardinya Lyra, operated by Genya Vieukin for the past 45 years. It's a smallish, white building with a bright yellow awning, just off of Brightin Beach in the Northern Bright Bay District.  The building has a very distinctive sign out front, with golden scissors turning into the cursive letters of the shop's name. An appointment is needed to even get inside the heavily flower perfumed building, with its pink velvet drapes to keep out anyone trying to steal peaks of the shop within.  Genya is one of the top names in fashion this side of the Great TurkisBlau River, with people coming all the way up from the capital of Raea to consult her work. Most times, she can look at a customer and divine what they had come for, without the customer saying any more than their name (whether that is magic or she's just that well-tuned into the Gardinya Lyra gossip mill is anyone's guess) She's even dressed the Queen for Winter Solistice the last five years running.     Genya gets her silks, some of the best in town, straight from the capital.  One of her best customers. Winnie Morrow, has a husband, Petra, who is a top-notch trader.  The two of them have ganged together to send Petra to all of the best places to bring the best dress-making materials so that Winnie is one of the best-dressed people in the whole of the city.  But Genya doesn't just cater to the old tradition set, she's actively one of the top designers for dresses in the Flower Child and Light Bright styles (after she heard other dressmakers were specializing in these styles for their younger more fashionable clients, Genya refused to be left behind on any trends, even with some of her best old tradition customers getting kind of grumpy about these new culture styles existing.  There was no way Genya was going to lose business to that upstart Trinity Bellstorm from Silver Scissors).  To get back on top Genya and Winnie schemed to get Winnie's daughter Amberlie, pretty much a Flower Child poster child, to exclusively wear Sew It Seams dresses.  The fluffy pink cupcake dress Amberlie wore to the Rock Rose Coffeehouse for last years Strawberry Moon Festival is still being talked about to this day.   There are two shop girls also working within the dress shop - Anna and Lana - half-imp, identical twins from Goldenwood, allegedly, who are practically mute and very hard to tell apart.  They take particular pride in the fact that not even their employer knows the difference between the two. They like to dress identical and pull pranks on unsuspecting customers who would think, from the way Genya acts, that there is only one shop assistant.     Genya's background is very mysterious, she appeared one day when her shop opened, and she'll never talk about her past.  Although some interesting information has crossed Odd Sergei's shop recently - Genya used to be The Dark Queen's personal dressmaker.  No one would dare mention that to Genya's face at this point though.  Not if they wanted their supply of the most fashionable dresses to dry up.
Shop, Tailor

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