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Crystal Dust Fever

Crystal Dust Fever is a rare unlucky condition caused by working in Rock Crystal mines without proper ventilation.  The condition is named for the warning fever that comes on quickly but is a precursor to a person's bones becoming brittle and crumbly.  Workers who do not take precautions and ignore the fevers can find themselves crumbling to dust.  The potential for Crystal Dust Fever, while rare, is why mining is one of the most dangerous jobs on the continent.


Crystal Dust Fever is transmitted through the breathing in of too much Rock Crystal dust. It is unclear how much can be safely inhaled, but all miners now know that once the beginnings of a fever starts to set in, the whole mining operation is immediately closed. Some say the condition is infectious, with legends of whole early mining and explorer crews succumbing to the disease.


The fever starts first, slightly high, but then spiking until a person is delirious wth it.  Next come the shakes and inability to control your limbs.  If a person does not get treatment at this point, their health will be forever damaged.  Bones will become brittle and the littlest motion will break them.  The skin will become pale and lifeless like it is about to flake away too.  From there, nothing can be done but wait until you crumble apart until nothing is left of you but the dust you accidentally inhaled too much of.


All mining crews are now very careful about this potential condition.  Mines are will ventilated.  Miners are provided with safety breathing equipment and lots of training about how to recognize the warning fevers.  Crystal Dust Fever is much easier to prevent than to treat.   Still, every mining operation brings with them Fever antidote, made from the healing waters of Goddess Waterfall Point and crushed up Water Berry Beetles.  It's an old recipe that no one is quite sure where it came from, but medical personnel can't deny it works for some reason.  Fever antidote will cure the fever and shaking within a few hours, but if the brittle bones have set in, a person will need to be rushed to the nearest hospital for emergency treatment (if they can survive the journey).
Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare

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2 Aug, 2022 00:41

What a great mining disease. Having the crystals turn the bones to brittle crystals. I especially like the progression of the disease.

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