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Normally, when people of Mapeal use their powers, the colour of their eyes will glow with that appointed colour. They usually can control the colors from being shown when they are doing normal day to day activities. But sometimes when they get upset, they lose control over their tiactic and they colour will be showcased in their eyes and their surrounding aura. The tiactic plays a very important role especially after the Black Queen rose to power. It is said that more powerful the person's power, more brighter the tiactic. Each special power has its own different colour, and depending on the strength of their intention and ability the tiactic is either duller or brighter.    It usually is not a voluntary action, the tiactic is basically an built in mechanism which keeps their power or ability hidden during times which it is deemed unnecessary. Its proved very useful for the people of Mapeal with the ascension of the Black Queen and the Dark Court. This is because no one could trust anyone, because of the new spies that  the Dark Court.

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