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So, Mapeal is a world which you can find in most brains. Its got a little magic, a queen who is not who she seems and I'm also thinking about throwing in a few surprises with the animals here. Mapeal was lush and thrived, full of of life when the Old Queen was resided over her, now that the so called Black Queen has come to the throne, its slowly withering away making life for the people living by day. Mapeal is said to have a mind of its own, its the land that helps the people prosper, but when the the land itself is dying? It has powerful cores, which have existed since the start of time and it is these cores which keep the land intact and alive. These cores only keep the balance of the worlds , one small deficiency and the worlds might crash into each other. Not all worlds are of good cores, so crashing worlds won't serve a very good purpose. The cores of this world are its most important feature and are also in some cases said to help the people in its own ways. They have been feared and saved for centuries. Each core has its own day to celebrate itself, each held at regular intervals during the year. Each to commemorate the value and significance if its existence. The people of Mapeal have limited amount of powers which they have been blessed with like light - Illumina, dark and shadow - Stygial, descry, a few healers, witches, Felences- the emerald eyed as they are commonly known as, and Warsele- war and combat. It has been rumored that there existed a variety of other abilities,but they have been lost over the centuries. It is said that when the time is right, the blessing of the lost powers will again arise, but most people believe its just a myth that has been made up.  It has magical creatures and myths but people can only use their abilities to a limited level. You can identify the strength of their power on their Tiactic.  During the day, the sky is blue and has purple shades and tints in the sky. The night we have dark purple skies with stars and moon.

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