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It's okay, keep calm
"... help... So cold"
Everything was white, as far eye could see, which wasn't very far at all. Crunching under foot and billowing all around, the snow was endless.
"Please help me... can't .. breathe."
Yes you can, you need to stay calm, you need to warm up
The voice seemed to echo in her head, barely audible from the snowstorm brewing overhead.
"Can't..." her teeth chatter, all hope of heat seemed lost.
Yes you can The voice echoed again, Just gotta be smart about it.
The young Eleanor, once again a victim of her illness, stood in the rapidly accumulating snow, unable to move, barely able to stay on her feet.
If she didn't heat up soon, she would die, and if she did here, it would be a long while before she could return, if she could return at all.
I'm right here with you, every step away, I'll help anyway I can, but we need to be quick. The nanites in your blood show your core body temperature is below 30°c, you're freezing.

Jaye stood on the edge of the field, the precipice of the snowstorm, monitoring Eleanors vitals as her body temperature dropped rapidly from it's normal 400°c, causing her tablets display to flash repeatedly crimson.

"Fire" Eleanor spoke weakly.
You're too cold, your heat field is gone and you can't ignite your own flames. Think.
One of the many things she couldn't do right now was think. She was frozen to her mental bones as well as her physical. "Jump.. start.."
That won't work either. Your heart rate is too slow, you can't generate a spark, but you're along the right lines. Remember what I taught you when we were young. What do you see?
No, you can see snow, and where does snow come from?
"Sk...up.." Eleanor was deteriorating fast. At 15°c her body was fast approaching the point of no return.
And if snow is falling from the sky, it means there are clouds, and this much snow and this much wind, with a lot of clouds means...
She might not be able to generate her own electrical spark but the spark of inspiration that just hit her was all she needed as she followed Jaye's train thought.
"Storm... Lightning!" Her voice stronger now through the sheer force of hope, her eyes no longer closing, she could see clearly what she had to do.
And what are the two primary things lightning creates? Light and... ?
"Heat!" As if warmed by the word itself, she gathered her remaining strength and threw her hand to the sky, her fingertips reaching for the heavens.
For a moment, nothing. Then, a deep rumbling which exploded into a blinding flash as a lightning bolt soared towards the Earth, striking Eleanor.

All Jaye saw was a slight illumination the flash and thunder muffled by the immensity of the snow screen. What caught her attention the most was her tablet which was reporting all manner of data.
Your heart rate is back up. Although merely a voice in her head, Eleanor could swear she could hear Jaye smile. I'm reading 2000 beats per minute and rising and your temperature was at 30,000°c, well within normal range, and it's settled back down 400°c, a good resting temperature.
The ground around Eleanor, no longer a white blanket, the snow having evaporated instantly, lay cracked and scorched. Now revived, she stood tall and fast against the once again encroaching blizzard, her heat field now emanating from her, holding back the freezing tide...

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