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Manoria is a set across an alternate Earth and its neighbouring realms, which cover the vast reaches of space. Manoria follows an almost identical timeline to real Earth but only because the Humans of the world don’t believe in magic, they don’t know of the other realms and because certain forces have stripped or safeguarded the truth from the history books. That is until around 50 or so years ago, when what’s known as the ‘Emergence Event’ happened, where upon it was discovered that people with special abilities exist, that witches, warlocks, vampires, werewolves, secret organisations also exist. And more importantly, certain branches of government knew about them Manoria follows the lives of one family in particular, a family of three sisters and two brothers who have lived through out time using their magic and abilities to protect society, the worlds and the neighbouring worlds, all in secret until now, from any who’d do them harm. Now that the world knows about their kind they can come out from the shadows and ask their friends and allies to help prepare for the true threat. The Darkness.

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