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Zevtwill, God of Verbal Irony

(a.k.a. Master of Deception, The Great Gadfly)

Zevtwill is the God of Verbal Irony in the House of the Unexpected pantheon. The patron of philosophers, comedians, and other self-appointed gadflies, Zevtwill's influence is seen to be one of the "necessary evil" or "devil's advocate" in the cosmology of the Unexpector faith.

Divine Domains

Chaos, Evil, Trickery, Destruction; Liberation, Charm

Holy Books & Codes

The sacred texts of Zevtwill are generally considered by Voxelian religious scholars to by one of the most satire-laden texts ever published in the Manifold, with heavy use of verbal irony (as appropriate for the god's own nature).

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The holy symbol of Zevtwill is a red rose wreathed in it's own braided, thorny stem. A pair of white-gloved hands, one coming from the upper right and another from the lower left, enclose the rose and stem without being injured or soiled.

Tenets of Faith

Unusually for a member of the House of the Unexpected, Zevtwill teaches his followers not to follow his teachings directly, as they all come from a place of deep satire, overstatement, or understatement. The "real" lessons that Zevtwill teaches are to not trust the stated intentions of smooth-talkers, hucksters, and quacks, and that the stated truth is a matter of subjective experience (as opposed to first-hand experience or reputable sources). The cult of Zevtwill employs reformed con artists, lawyers, and debaters to disabuse would-be supplicants of weakly-supported notions whenever possible; for the Master of Deception's children, smashing ignorance is tantamount to worship.
Divine Classification
Chaotic Evil
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