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Veldrin Vance, God of Coincidence

Veldrin Vance, also known as the God of Coincidence, is the eldest deity within the House of the Unexpected pantheon. He is the patron deity of scientists and tricksters. As the eldest member of the pantheon, Veldrin Vance is regarded by tradition as the informal head of the godly court; while it is believed that all the other deities act in accordance with Veldrin's plans, it is just as likely that any percieved order he might impose on the other gods might actually be a matter of coincidence (in keeping with his portfolio). He, alongside Lyvianne, represents the transformative power of natural evolution, as this is a process subject to much random chance and coincidence of environmental needs with useful adaptations

Divine Domains

Knowledge, Trickery, Plant, Animal; Mind, Illusion

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The holy symbol of Veldrin Vance is an open book with a raven floating on a breeze just above it; the span and contour of the lower edge of the raven's wings perfectly match the curvature of the open book's pages.

Tenets of Faith

Veldrin Vance commands that his followers always seek the truth of matters and strive to discern real causative relation between events from mere coincidence or statistical correlation. The God of Coincidences frowns upon quacks, snake oil salesmen, and fraudsters, as these people harm others under the cover of coincidence. Conversely, light-hearted pranks and stage illusions are frequent facets of his holiday celebrations.   Veldrin's portfolio revolves around coincidences, misconceptions, and both literal and statistical illusions. Like all deities within the House of the Unexpected, Veldrin's portfolio also includes concepts involved with seeing through illusions, coincidences, and misconceptions. Scientists, investigators, magicians, tricksters, and pranksters pray to the God of Coincidences for certitude in their actions.


Lyvianne, Goddess of Misfortune

Lover (Vital)

Towards Veldrin Vance, God of Coincidence



Veldrin Vance, God of Coincidence

Lover (Vital)

Towards Lyvianne, Goddess of Misfortune



Commonalities & Shared Interests

Lyvianne and Veldrin Vance are considered by tradition to be a couple, their furtive romantic overtures towards one another giving rise to the subtle changes in wildlife over geological time. Some scholars speculate that the four literal gods of irony might actually be the children of Lyvianne and Veldrin Vance, though this is never explicitly stated in any primary textual source and there is some contravening evidence for this theory.

Divine Classification
Lawful Neutral

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