The Greenwell Mangrove Monster

The Greenwell Mangrove Monster - also known as the Green Rex by his Native Ovinex prey - was an ovinex ram rex who once haunted the Greenwell Mangrove in the Ovinex Island Tribes territories.   The Monster was locally famous for his signature green-tinged wool and infamous for cannibalizing those foolish enough to wander into his dank hunting grounds. The Green Rex's wool looked this way because of a previous encounter with a Verdial tourist who had gone missing a few years prior, leading to the Monster's slow verdialization. The inclusion of a Caudal lichen into the Monster's physiology greatly increased his physical durability and, thereby increased his hunting prowess.   Violent, stupid, ageless, and nigh indestructible, the Green Rex was treated as a force of nature by local villages and avoided at all costs - until, that is, he drew the attention of Rostran Archipelago Confederacy authorities for presumably attacking the Rostran crew of a catamaran that ran aground in his territory. It was this action which would eventually lead to his demise at the fists and ba'amba of the Island Rangers; the Monster is perhaps more famous for being slain by a team of Rangers which included the now-famous Gam Pfa'a master Ame Pfren.
Chaotic Evil
9940 9964 24 years old
Biological Sex
Pale green-white wool matted with lichen strands
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pitch Black

Cover image: by BCGR_Wurth


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