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The Correspondence Principle in the Manifold Sky

While the geometries of the Manifold Sky are unusual and the underlying mechanics of various natural systems (i.e. the geology of the cubes) remain mysterious, the laws of physics which govern all activity within the Manifold Sky setting remain consistent with those as remembered from the Curved Time . Physics obeys the correspondence principle; quantum-scale events accumulate to explain macro-scale observations, and all known physical laws follow from the ones discovered before. While certain physical constants are known to vary in relation to spatial location (i.e the strength of gravity along the surface of a cube layer, it is believed that this is because these forces are controlled by objects in the so-called "Celestial Realms" outside of the Manifold proper.   At current, the only phenomena which are known to present unsolvable questions in physics are the Menger Catalyst, the spatial anomaly beneath the Glass-Block Fortress, and The Garbage Man's unusual ability to traverse the Manifold's extra spatial dimensions. These phenomena represent the intrusion of purely mathematical concepts into the physical realm (radical mathematical realism). Other curiosities (i.e. the surprising contours of gravity near the cube layers, or the spatial distortions at the inflection layers) are believed to be functions of the anthropic principle - or, for adherents to Forgism, proof that the universe is artificial (simulation hypothesis) - since different physics within an otherwise similar universe with five spatial dimensions might not be habitable by sentient life.

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