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Tara Renko, Osanist Hierophant of Peuli

Hierophant Tara Lenia Renko

The murmur of the crowd was banished in short order by the knock of sacred Eudoxium against the wooden slats of the porch. There stood Mrs. Renko - Hierophant Tara Renko - in the doorway, fighting oar in hand, its endcap rapping with each step. She looked out over the group, a look of bleary-eyed annoyance written across her face. "Go home, folks," she said in a measured tone. "There's not but trouble for you here."   "Where is she?" came the cry from the assembled group of ten or so townies. "Do you know what she said? There must be justice!" One man - Mr. Sadix, Qaesto reckoned - stepped forward, torch held clutched in a white-knuckled grip. "It's not right, I tells you, what she did to me. I demand justice, by the spirits!"   Mrs. Renko's young daughter stepped out and tugged on the Hierophant's skirt, wiping the sleep from her eyes. Renko shushed her softly and gestured her back inside with a palm to her shoulder. The girl looked up, then out at the crowd, then startled and ran back inside. Qaesto wondered if the poor lass had ever seen a mob before - Peuli was normally such a peaceful town - but his pondering was cut short by two more loud raps from the endcap of the Heirophant's oar.   "My husband and I have taken Ms. Naoka under our own care until the mayor can look at the situation," She called out to the crowd. "I have invoked the protective writ of Eretasovix upon her. Now, Mr. Sadix, are you really so aggrieved that you are prepared to transgress, to cross the sigil of my household?" She pressed the oar tip down into the sand just beyond the porch and drew a line there with a practiced flick. "Come then, see what transpires - or go home and sleep it off. I'd much prefer the latter option."   Suddenly, the man's expression twisted into one of rage. "You bitch!" he shouted - then fell twitching to the sand, a trickle of blood oozing from a fresh gash on his scalp. Just as quickly as he had crossed the line Mrs. Renko had drawn, the Hierophant had whipped her oar up and across, bringing it onto the man's temple with a sound like a coconut being split.   "Best fetch the doctor," the unseen Mr. Renko muttered in his signature drawling baritone. He presently advanced into view from beyond the doorway, a cigarette smoldering in his lips and an open break-action shotgun held in the crook of his arm. "Looks like we found the limits of reason with this one," he said, glancing at the felled Mr. Sadix. Tara prodded the unconscious man away from the porch with a sharp jab from her oar, a scowl on her face all the while, before retreating to the side of her husband. The crowd was murmuring uncomfortably, but Qaesto could tell that the fight had gone out of them along with the provocateur's wits.   "The rest of you go home," Mr. Renko commanded. He closed the gun on two fresh shells with an audible click. "I think my lovely wife has made the will of the spirits clear on this matter, yeah? Tomorrow, lads, outside the mayor's house. We get this sorted then and no sooner. Now beat it."
  Tara Renko is a Hierophant of Rostran Esotericism, a specialist in the propitiation of Ixaumosana for the community of Peuli. She lives and works in the small town which has sprung up around the memorial to the famed onieromancer Eosept Lengi, maintaining the temple while offering her ministry to locals and pilgrims alike.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rostran Esotericism by BCGR_Wurth
An avid reader from a very young age, Tara Lenia Aline entered into training under the Hierophant of Peuli in her second year of high school. After many years as a priestess, she fell in love with a local RACMF auxiliary named Qest Renko. Their love was ultimately consumated beneath the haze of the temple's mildly hallucinogenic incense one night just after the Eurymaxim of 9990 AR, an act which was construed by the couple as the sealing of a spirit-blessed matrimony. This event also saw the couple blessed with a daughter, Ida Renko, in early 9991 AR. The Hierophant of Peuli would go on to ascend to the rank of regional High Hierophant in 9995 AR, leaving Tara to take his place.


As of the year 10,000 AR, Tara Renko remains the Hierophant of Peuli with all the benefits and responsibilities thereof. As Peuli is a relatively small community, the local industries being almost entirely devoted to tourism in the form of pilgrims to the temple of Eosept Lengi and the nearby ruins of his village, Mrs. Renko is regarded as an important part of the town's governance as well as its social and spiritual life.
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Despite this high degree of social power, Renko remains dedicated to her faith and family above all else, hoping to serve as a good example for her daughter and (recently announced) unborn son.

Morality & Philosophy

Mrs. Renko is somewhat unusual among Esotericist Hierophants in that she is not a 'generalist.' Her matron spirit is Ixaumosana, as the Lady of the Ocean is strongly connected to the visions and prophecy which often appear in connection to Eosept Lengi and his legacy. Mrs. Renko is, however, well-versed enough in the extended lore of the Esotericist faith that she is fully able to intercede with the other spirits when her profession requires it, with other favored patrons of hers including Ixaumaika and Ixovaqitetsu.   Mrs. Renko's wide-ranging theological studies have exposed her to the related philosophies of Knappism and Ixa Ad-Korvidiu. While she sees the merits of these belief systems, she is only acquainted with their special ritual systems insofar as they help her most effectively minister to the needs of travelers from regions where these 'companion' religions hold sway, preferring to remain true to the foundations of Esotericist belief through Ixaumosana and the other 'core' spirits.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Mrs. Renko is capable of forging her own ritual implements, including her signature fighting oar and ritual oar-markers. While she is not inherently a craftswoman, she regards these skills as important to the realization of her faith. She also recognizes that, while she might not use them often, whoever follows in her footsteps - likely her son or daughter when they come of age - will have need of these skills to become a proper Hierophant themselves. Therefore, Mrs. Renko must be prepared to teach these skills when the time comes, and, thus, must be at least proficient in them.   Like most Hierophants who carry the fighting oar, Mrs. Renko has some familiarity with the associated martial art. She isn't a dedicated martial artist by any stretch of the term, but she's quite physically fit and is known to have a mean high slice.

Lawful Good
Current Location
Year of Birth
9965 35 Years old
Current Residence
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light Tan
100 lbs
Aligned Organization
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