Relics of Sokalyx

The influence of Sokalyx the Learned on New Voxelian (and, to a certain extent, Elovisian) culture cannot be overstated. As one of the ideological fathers of the Church of the Unexpected and early contributors to the grand Vozendi literary cannon, Sokalyx was regarded by the Church and its allies as a saintly being even within his own time.   When Sokalyx ultimately died, he was mellified in the tradition of other great men of the Old Voxelian culture. Over the centuries, less scrupulous pilgrims to his burial cairn at what would become Hive City snuck parts of the dead saint out within small hollow amulets or decorative jars. Despite the best efforts of Servants of Ironies over the years, the cairn of Sokalyx the Learned would eventually be emptied of all but the bulkiest bones, namely the skull, pelvis, and long bones of the limbs; digits, vertebrae, and even many ribs eventually made their way out into the world.


As of the year 10,000 AR, the relics of Sokalyx the Learned may be found throughout The Human Arc, having either accompanied pilgrims to illicit shrines in far-flung settlements or, having been reclaimed by Servants of Ironies, been reinterred within local temple ossuaries. Various miracles have been attributed to Sokalyx's cairn and, in time, the various parts which have been removed from it. Members of the church who have touched the relics or their containers are said to live unusually long and storied lives, while those with disabilities or terminal illnesses are said to be regenerated by proximity to the relics - provided, of course, that said supplicants are absolutely true in their faith to the House of the Unexpected. Rumors persist that only the touch of a relic can cure cases of Forma Rot. The honey surrounding and suffusing the relics is claimed to be a potent cure-all, especially if blended with 'like substances' (i.e. Bee's Lantern) before topical application or ingestion. Of course, none of these claims to health benefits have been empirically verified by the various scientific establishments within the Manifold.   Specialist worshipers of the Escryer of Coincidences see such dubious claims of salubrity as a sort of blasphemy, attributing many such miracles to coincidence or, sometimes, the work of Zevtwill. This is because, while Veldrin can be trusted to reveal coincidences and false paths of inquiry to those who venerate him directly, he is not known to encourage what is, on a surface level, an act of religious cannibalism to attain his favor. Zevtwillate gadflies often counter that this stance is, in fact, a damning indictment of contradictions within the Veldrinous faith, as, since all miracles can be claimed to stem from coincidence and Veldrin can be claimed to steer his faithful away from believing coincidences, then even prayers offered up to Veldrin Vance to guidance run counter to their own intentions.

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Religious / Ritualistic
Each true relic of Sokalyx the Learned is a unique anatomical specimen. Forgeries have been made, of course, but members of the faith have claimed that only the true relics emanate a perceptible 'aura' of sanctity.

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