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Lyvianne, Goddess of Misfortune

(a.k.a. Roller of Dice, Shuffler of Cards, Lady Luck)

Lyvianne is the Goddess of Misfortune in the House of the Unexpected pantheon. She is the matron of gamblers and merchants, with statisticians, speculators, storytellers, and (purportedly) diviners also filling the ranks of her cult. As the second oldest member of the pantheon, she, alongside Veldrin Vance, represents the transformative power of natural evolution, as this is a process subject to much random chance and coincidence of environmental needs with useful adaptations.

Divine Domains

Chaos, Luck, Plant, Animal; Oracle, Mysticism

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Lyvianne's holy symbol is a tetrahedral arrangement of maple leaves forming a sphere around a single, six-sided die.

Tenets of Faith

Lyvianne teaches her followers to measure circumstances carefully to decide on the best course of action. Her cult believes that "random" chances and distributions reveal some underlying truth about the fabric of the cosmos. Lyvianne values spontaneity, serendipity, and flexibility in the face of struggle. While most likely not efficacious in the traditional sense, followers of Lyvianne believe that fortune-telling and divination can be useful meditation techniques for exploring possibilities which might not otherwise manifest in the world. Lyvianne frowns upon those who speak in absolutes - regarding this as an act of human hubris - as all things in the world have some degree of chaotic activity inherent within them.


During the fall equinox, the cult of Lyvianne holds a week-long festival devoted to divination and games of chance, especially Vyozha. The patterns that fallen leaves make on the ground are also used to make loose predictions about what celebrants can expect in the year ahead, though this is a more specialized ritual for the equinox holiday. The cult funds their yearly activities, including ministering to the needs of the poor, through the proceeds of gambling both at this festival and the occasional tithes sent in from wealthy casino owners.


Lyvianne, Goddess of Misfortune

Lover (Vital)

Towards Veldrin Vance, God of Coincidence



Veldrin Vance, God of Coincidence

Lover (Vital)

Towards Lyvianne, Goddess of Misfortune



Commonalities & Shared Interests

Lyvianne and Veldrin Vance are considered by tradition to be a couple, their furtive romantic overtures towards one another giving rise to the subtle changes in wildlife over geological time. Some scholars speculate that the four literal gods of irony might actually be the children of Lyvianne and Veldrin Vance, though this is never explicitly stated in any primary textual source and there is some contravening evidence for this theory.

Divine Classification
Chaotic Good
Aligned Organization

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