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Ixaumosana (lit. "feminine water spirit") is the overarching spirit of the sea and the hydrological cycle (i.e. rain and storms) in Rostran Esotericism. Venerated by Rostrans in general and by Low Rostrans in particular, Ixaumosana is a common subject of Ritual Sigil attunement among Esotericists.

Divine Domains

Water, Plant, Knowledge; Planning, Divination

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Ixaumosana is venerated for her strong qualities of Ingelin (dexterity) and Iparda (perception). At ritual sigils drawn in her honor, the points at the top, second from the top, and fifth from the top (in clockwise order) are emphasized to reflect these qualities, and any ancillary symbols (such as written prayers) have a notably aquatic motif. The lines which form such sigils are often inlaid with blue or aqua pigment powders or (in the case of semi-permanent sigils within dwellings) are painted in cool hues.   Various tropical fruits and fermented beverages are offered up to Ixaumosana, as these are considered closely connected to the water cycle. Jugs of naturally-occuring water - whether sea water, river water, or collected rain water - are considred to be both symbolic of Ixaumosana and to be vessels for channeling her power. Such jugs are placed at the foci of ritual sigils to channel her qualities into the liquid, which will later be used for cooking food or brewing beverages (or Rostral Breeze) infused with her potent spiritual power.

Tenets of Faith

Being potent in both Ingelin and Iparda, Ixaumosana gives her supplicants the flexibility and foresight to overcome life's difficulties. As the spirit of the life-giving sea itself, the spirit aids mothers in child birth, bears sailors home, and ensures the bounty of fishers. Ritual practitioners often call upon Ixaumosana to grant visions of the future - especially of meteorological events - but this practice must be paired with the knowledge that, like the sea itself, the future is always ebbing in flowing in potentially deceptive ways.   If spited, Ixaumosana can stir up destructive storms, drag boats and coastlines away, and wring tears of bereavement from even the most stoic eye. The tears of those who disrespect the power of the sea - whether through ignorance, impeity, or overconfidence - are known as 'Ixaumosana's ransom.' Ixaumosana teaches practitioners how to keep the dreaded Ixulova Tun at bay; she knows how to do this because the piteous monsters are also her servants.   In Knappist lore, Ixaumosana is believed to be the wife of the Knapper of Spirits.
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Divine Classification
Nature Spirit
Dark blue, flowing, waist length
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light blue

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