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Ixa Ad-Korvidiu

Ixa Ad-Korvidiu is a sect of Rostran Esotericism which emphasizes the venerable qualities of certain birds, specifically crows, ravens, and magpies.

Divine Origins

The name of the religion, abbreviated IAK, is a corruption of the phrase "Ixa Adkorve Idiu" (meaning "Spirit of the Black Bird") in Iuxat. When the first Low Rostran settlers arrived in the Red Velvet Desert, they were impressed by the ability of corvids to eke out a life in the harsh, arid conditions of the Rostral A Cube. Having mostly been Rostran Esotericists, these settlers would thenceforth begin practicing their traditions of spiritual calling and binding with a particular eye towards the clever, resourceful spirits of the corvids, eventually losing much of their reverence for the other Esotericist spirits (i.e. the spirit of the sea).

Cosmological Views

While Ixa Ad-Korvidiu shares much of Rostran Esotericism's ideology with regards to cosmology, it tends to de-emphasize the Epicyclist aspects of that religion, as Epicyclism runs counter to the IAK ethic of proactivity. In fact IAK is the most Linearist of all Esotericist sects, though it is by no means as Linearist as religions such as Forgism or the Church of the Unexpected.


Ixa Ad-Korvidiu emphasizes proactivity and creativity. Desert life is unforgiving outside of the well-trod trade lanes; embodying the Spirit of the Black Bird requires that one embrace cooperation with others of one's faith and blunt, opportunistic pragmatism in equal measure. Ruthlessness is almost a virtue in IAK, a factor which has led the Avarix Corps (both Rostran and Ovinex members) to adopt it as an official religion. Korvidiu are expected to support one another, observe situations carefully before acting, and never let an opportunity for one's group to benefit go to waste.   While their faith is sometimes regarded as indifferent towards the needs of people outside of the faith, Korvidiu are reknowned for their avicultural empathy and knowledge. To successfully treat with corvids as part of a binding ritual is an omen of great success, whereas provoking the (often generational) ire of a murder of crows brings a deadly, contaigious curse on the supplicant.


Supplicants wishing to call upon the Black Bird's qualities will often anoint their bodies with a dark red salve formed from the fine dust of the Red Velvet Desert mixed with oil or grease from burnt offerings - usually meat. Modern ritual salves often incorporate engine oil or grease in lieu of animal products, as this salve persists on the skin longer and ritual foods can be scarce in the desert. Black soot salve prepared in a similar manner is rubbed into the hair and smudged in ritual conjuring circles across the face and chest - a form of living ritual sigil, though sigils executed on flat ground will also suffice for public ceremonies. Older, more experienced supplicants darken themselves more as a denotation of rank within the faith. Any burnt offerings are then consumed by the supplicant, with certain choice bits being left for the birds to propitiate the Spirit of the Black Bird.   Because this ritual is labor- and time-intensive, it is seldom performed more than once a week. Ritual gatherings are traditionally conducted on Abnemi and feature dances which shuffle and hop - in imitation of the Black Bird - around a central binding circle.
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