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Eretasovix (literally 'many people-spirits') is a spiritual body featuring in some deeper mysteries of Rostran Esotericism, particularly as it relates to politics, public performances, and mass persuasion. Less a singluar entity than a particularly Rostran conception of a collective spiritual unconsious, Eretasovix represents the zeitgeist of populations as small as a personal social group to as large as the entire population of the Manifold Sky's sentient peoples throughout all of time and space.

Divine Domains

Good, Evil, Law, Chaos; Community, Family

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Because Eretasovix is all-encompassing with regards to the experience of social beings, no single fundamental attribute other than ixa represents it more than any other. Ixa represents emptiness, but also totality, being associated with the number zero and the topmost point on ritual Sigils. As a result, ritual sigils attuned to Eretasovix tend to have prominent upper points.   In household ritual spaces and other places where ritual sigils are left inscribed permanently or for long periods of time, this point is typically oriented towards the old High Hierophant's house in Exivaun, representing acknowledgement of this place as the center of the social world as Rostrans see it. Written works, tools, and other objects of uniquely sentient make are placed in the center of ritual sigils attuned to Eretasovix. Multiple humanoid handprints - often of all members of a household or community - are also considered emblematic of Eretasovix's world-spanning influence. In contrast to symbols of the 125 Hands, all such handprints are usually oriented towards the long uppermost point of a given ritual sigil.

Tenets of Faith

A chaotic spiritual entity formed of shared social drives, Eretasovix resists easy prediction or control. Many would-be binders have attempted to call upon the power of Eretasovix for personal gain, but almost as many have been punished for their hubris with public shame and disrepute.   If given proper respect, Eretasovix provides protection and guidance for communal efforts, whether made on on a family, local, regional, national, or (purportedly) global scale. Politicians, leaders of social movements, and military commanders are said to gain additional insight into the desires of the group and an improved ability to motivate action by propitiating this spiritual body. However, should the practitioner attempt to use the power of Eretasovix for personal agrandisement, the spiritual body may bless - or curse - them with their wish; in Iuxat, the idiom "Eretasovix smiles (on him/her/me)" means that one has intentionally called public attention onto oneself and, as a result, accidentally found one's damning personal qualities put on public display as well.   When turned against an opponent, Eretasovix is said to cause that opponent to suffer disfavor with the crowds, with this effect ranging from public shame, political or social disfavor, or even becoming the target of group violence. Because of this last possibility, Heirophants are known to freely offer sacred paper writs - paper or thin bark seals enscribed with protective ritual sigils attuned to Eretasovix - to anyone who reaches the Hierophant's home or sacred space and asks for one out of fear of the public's wrath. To physically harm someone thus protected is to draw the wrath of Eretasovix itself, even if done as a result of public animosity towards the individual which was perhaps incurred by another practitioner's sigil attuned to the same spiritual body. Especially in High Rostran society, carrying such a sacred writ draws the eyes of local law enforcement cadres. After all, such writs them know who might need protection from personal attack - or, conversely, who might need to be arrested after being witnessed in the commission of a crime by members of the public.
Divine Classification
Spiritual Entity
Chaotic Neutral

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