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Chateau Blueberry

Chateau Blueberry is a manor that serves as the centerpiece of the Estate of Blueberry, the largest blueberry farm in Voxelia-held territory.

Purpose / Function

Chateau Blueberry serves primarily as both a residence complex for the Court of Blueberry and as an administrative hub for the surrounding farmlands; as Voxelia has grown and stretched its military force into Medial D cube, food has become a major national strategic resource.


Over time, as tensions between Voxelia and the breakaway colonies have risen, the Court of Blueberry has seen fit to upgrade their chateau with various defensive structures and separate buildings which can serve as auxiliary residences and administrative centers, all of which are connected with a network of underground bunkers and access tunnels. Vast underground grow rooms have been constructed both to increase fruit production and to serve as backup food stores for if (and when) separatist forces attack the chateau.


Nestled in the cool, wet hills of Medial D2, the chateau grounds feature heavy anti-air gun emplacements, fortifications, and rough landing strips for allied aircraft.


Chateau Blueberry is the home of several allied noble families who intermarried over the centuries, forming the Court of Blueberry to manage the affairs of the surrounding farmlands and trade with merchants and brewers back in Silkenvault. An influential cadre, the Court of Blueberry has also had close relations with the Council of Liars through blood and marriage, making them one of the most powerful political dynasties outside of the Council members themselves. As a result, though Chateau Blueberry has had some economic setbacks due to it's location within the contested Medial D cube, the grounds remain well-defended and well-maintained, serving at various times as a trade hub, forward logistics base, and meeting place for Voxelian agents.
Manor house / Meeting hall
Owning Organization

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