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Liana Jestros

Liana Jestros

Zecate Tribes (Umbrez Tribe)  


Her hair is matte black and short, even her whiskers are a flat black colour. Her eyes are pale green, her nose a neutral grey tone. Her teeth are immaculately well cared for despite the sand in her desert homeland. She tends to wear loose-fitting robes and at least one or two bundles of rope tied around her torso for quick use. Not carrying any external weapons, her vicious claws and fangs still manage to inspire fear.  


Her voice is half purr half growl: never raised above a quiet tone. She manages to get her point across through a combination of body language and vocal cues. She is very good at fading into the background, though quite capable of drawing attention to herself when wanting to make a scene.  

Her work

She prowls the skies: piloting a stolen Gith airship with a ragtag crew of her fellow Zecate tribes members. When she learned that the operation of the ship did not require a skilled pilot she was quick to throw the fool who let it slip over the side and into the Thirty Year mountain range. Hew crew tends to prowl the skies over known trade routes looking for poorly defended caravans and merchants to loot and plunder. They also keep an eye on the sky to look for any Gith vessels to harass and possibly destroy, since she has a vendetta against The Gith Menace ever since they caused trouble for her tribe as a youth.   She has renamed her vessel 'The Milk Saucer', a bit of a pun since it is more Disc shaped than these vessels tend to be and she is of course very fond of milk. She tends to offer ill-gotten gains to various Zecat tribes in order to fuel their growth and survival in the increasingly dangerous The Giovan Dunes (Region) region.


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