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World of Malyk: Meta


The world of Malyk is created for world building with role playing in mind, for the D&D 5e role playing system. It is meant to create a unique interpretation of how a setting would play out if a planet was separated from the rest of the universe. This forces this setting to have rules specific to this setting, without being to alien.


High fantasy with modern era technology science fiction. All the magic that would exists within a D&D setting, with technology that is explained by magic. The story takes place in the setting's fourth era, where five empires and two independent nations are what is left of the world, rebuilt after the third era's near extinction level war.


  • For the initial scope, the focus was on the northern continent of Nor, focusing on the Empire of Ulstrom as a dark fantasy, where the people are oppressed by their Vampire Rulers.
  • Now in the second campaign in this setting, the focus will be on the continent of Midara, where the Midaran Council acts as peacekeepers to the rest of the world of Malyk. This campaign will take place across the entire planet of Malyk, but focus on one continent at a time.


The mood of the world can vary based on location. Within the lands of the Midaran Council, a feel of having a large empire, and the pinnacle of technology and civilization working together is ever-present, while in the Empire of Ulstrom, for example, a dark tyrannical empire oppresses its people.  


The overall theme of theme of this setting can be the typical "good vs evil", but include many gray areas that can test the morality of the party. It also challenges the contrast between "progress and tradition." Malyk is High Fantasy, first and foremost, with elements of science fiction.  

Rules of the World

The crystal sphere of Malyk has had pocket dimensions that formed within it. These pocket dimensions spread like a tumor, and spread to cover the out edges of the sphere. These pocket dimensions are known as the Outer Realms. This has caused planar travel to be near-impossible. The lack of gods inside the sphere has caused the sphere of Malyk to evolve into a The Divine Mending, in order to allow the varying energies of divine nature to be harnessed.  



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