History of Everything {Rose Kingdom}

Prime: A holy land once known as the seed of Prime where the One true god of Malimar once walked and called home after his 1000yr journey. Also a key part that plays into the birth of Sugrir, (nations main God)
  Dragon Age: History for the kingdom of rose (what is recorded/ Altered/ Not Destroyed) begins here with the Dragon lord named Kolvast a red dragon who commonly used druidic magics and spores to force others into doing as she commanded. It was the newly formed Black rose group whom led the rebellion in the Battle for liberation against the tyrant Dragon. After their victory and the successful cue with the other Rose families elected by the dragon to watch her domain the Baccara family did not choose to take the seat of power but rather opted to simply join the nobility as "The Peoples Elect."
  Age of reclamation: Full of wars with each other Known as the 100 year Rose Wars where by the wars end, the royal family of Nascentia was replaced with the royal family of Gallica. During this time the small but fiercely loyal Delbard Family rose to nobility due to prestige during the war. Soon after the Rose wars the Kokutai ended their war with the Quam and set their sights on The Rose Kingdom. Seeing an opportunity to put the Nascentia family back in power the Baccara Family staged a rebellion creating a war on two fronts situation. With much disdain the Head of the Gallica family pulled her troops from the front losing an incredibly large amount of land and reputation. Queen Galica III Swiftly Exiled and subsequently slaughtered the Baccara rebelion and made the Nascentia family common place nobility, one with minor power and no meaningful sway. This hasn't changed in the slightest, even today.
  The Necromancer: The only war with Feihldroy so far to have left such a rippling effect throughout the Western hemisphere. King Zadech, The Ivory King and his army was the only force to ever carve there way all the way to roses capital with little resistance. If not for the work of Lunar Cursed and the Vagabond group of hero's it is very likely The Rose kingdom and possibly the entire western hemisphere would have been placed under one banner. The rose kingdom to weak to survive an attack from other nations made a pact with Zadech's daughter after she put him to rest and saved the kingdom. This pact would estate the now St. Thera and her church in power of Feihldroy and solidify beneficial trade routes with one another in order to survive the Ambitious Kokutai's expansion.


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