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This is a world where magic has become science. The wonders of the spirit realm have been systematized and the legends of heroes have been lost to the distant past. Technology now processes magic and the gods have thus been overthrown.   This culture of the world very loosely mirror our own during the years leading up to the first world war, with many nations at each others throats and one particular region of the world having far and away superior technologically when compared to that of any of the others.   There are many different religions of the world, each of which putting the same central goddess figure at its center. What this goddess represents and what surrounds them holds the main sticking differences between each of the different cultures.   This world is a work in progress for a story idea I've been carrying around since 2014. I've had to make, and continue to make, massive changes to the world as I continue to flesh the world out and make it just right, and it's likely that the world will look very different once i'm happy with it. If you somehow found this page, thanks for checking it out, I really appreciate it!

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