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Taxonomy in the New Age

Again? You want me to read through the entirety of this eight-volume text... again? Oh, the sacrifices we make in the pursuit of knowledge. I'll see you in a few weeks, then.
— Disgruntled Apprentice
  Taxonomy in the New Age is a tremendous scholarly text researched and written by Seyli Fai'or, Magistrix of the Hearthwild, a Lessai Nimata, with the help of several research assistants over the course of over 200 years.   The bane of lazy students worldwide, this multi-volume text, as intensive and often droning as it may be, is a monumental resource for those studying biology and taxonomic classifications, and the system developed by Magistrix Fai'or has since been adopted by much of the world.


Nimatria (The Hearthwood) emerged from the Dark Age into the Age of the Seekers with the barest sliver of its fabled ancient collection of recorded history, information, and research documentation at its disposal, having lost a crippling amount of written and printed works as a result of the many conflicts which tore through the world during the Dark Age. With its great Valsheri libraries destroyed, elder and aspiring scholars alike were forced to recreate as much as they could with what little was preserved.   Naturally, disagreements regarding most subjects were common, given that only a precious few physical collections of knowledge survived. Relying only on word of mouth and elders' faith in their memories, little progress was being made in restoring information lost. Seeing this stagnation of intellect, the arguments on systems lost to war, Magistrix Fai'or, then a young Lessai novice druid, saw it fit to leave behind what has been lost and shift the focus onto the new age. Though a Lessai by ancestry, Seyli was raised by Valsheri. Her innate understanding of the natural world, combined with the hunger for knowledge imparted upon her by Valsheri teachings, inspired her to spend over 200 years observing, researching, and reporting on wildlife of all kinds, throughout the world, and to develop a new system by which to classify them.

Document Structure


Taxonomy in the New Age is organized into several volumes, with each volume being further organized in chapters which focus on different aspects of taxonomy, the author's perspective, and further evolving into a functional bestiary in later volumes and editions.
  1. Volume One: Fundamentals and Significance of New Age Taxonomy
    Foreword and introduction to the subject of taxonomy. Why is it important, and how can it lead to broader understandings of the world around us?
  2. Volume Two: The Art of Classification and Organization
    An in-depth analysis of the creative and often artistic aspects of classification and organizational systems, even those in other disciplines and subjects.
  3. Volume Three: The Ever-Present Influence of Magic
    Examination of the effect magical domains have on species and ecosystems, and on the evolution of species over time.
  4. Volume Four: Understanding Complex Relationships
    Collected essays on understanding inter-species relationships which affect classification and family groupings, and the complexity of the natural world.
  5. Volume Five: Common and Complex Nomenclature
    Introduction to the nomenclature system as developed by the author, referencing and comparing with older systems to develop new language for biology.
  6. Volume Six: Examining the Self as a Species
    An introspective on the implications of how one places one's own species in a taxonomic system, and the importance of understanding one's place in the natural world.
  7. Volume Seven: Classifying Species of the World
    An introduction to the many forms of organisms which exist in the world, and the significance of each family to the complete system.
  8. Volume Eight: Introduction to Species of the Hearthwild
    A functional bestiary of organisms found in the Hearthwild (later, the whole of the Hearthwood), demonstrating the author's taxonomic system in use.
These volumes published by Magistrix Fai'or do not explore the individual names of every identified species spanning the world. Taxonomy in the New Age, in its original publication, stops with the flora and fauna found within The Hearthwood. Her further publications, however, which include continuations and offshoots of Taxonomy in the New Age, contain painstaking levels of detailed classifications and studies of organisms found throughout the world.

A monumental text, in both size and influence.

Study, Scientific
Authoring Date
216 AS

About the Author

Seyli Fai'or, Magistrix of the Hearthwild was but an apprentice when she began her dedicated research and writing of Taxonomy in the New Age, and it was her diligence and dedication to scholarship that earned her a place among the highest-ranked and most honorable druids and sorcerers alike.   When Taxonomy in the New Age was published, it was her whole life's work, having spent over 200 years in active research and study of her then-236 years of age.   Magistrix Seyli continues, to this day, to be a scholar and a writer, producing numerous additional scholarly texts and conducting field research in between giving lectures and taking apprentices in Nimatria.

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