Windheart Iskani

Oh, to flow as freely as the wind,
To go to places my heart calls to,
With not a care for where I used to be...   Heavens, I could never dream of it.
— Envy on the wind
  The Windheart are a form of Iskani born of the essence of the elemental plane of air. Flighty, and always traveling, these Iskani follow the wind where it blows and live in the open where the air blows freely.

Born of Air

Air is a free element, and with this essence in their blood, the Windheart Iskani are known for being free spirits, and never being tied down to one place for very long. Iskani born of air often have skin tones in light hues, blue, white, or grey. Their eyes typically do not have one permanent color, their irises often reflecting the colors of the midday sky, wherever they go.   The element of air may manifest itself in the Iskani as floating or translucent hair, perpetual soft wind blowing around them, and as swirling markings on the skin reminiscent of the movement of the breeze. Some Windheart Iskani have transparent limbs, or portions of the body which appear to be made of swirling wind. Manifestations of air are often subtle, not as jarring as the physical features of some other Iskani.

Hearts of Storm

Some Windheart Iskani may take on the aspect of the storm, rather than air. These stormy Iskani take an already turbulent temperament and dial it up greatly, making them much more intense than their airy cousins. The essence of the storm manifests itself in more erratic and wild ways, often with electric currents and charred skin.

Followers of the Breeze

Though the Windheart Iskani prefer to keep moving and may be seen all throughout the world, there are still environments which appeal to these nomadic people more than others. One may find Windheart Iskani settlements, both occupied and abandoned, in open plains, on breezy cliffs, and in canyons where the winds cut between the stone walls. The Windheart Iskani will seldom be found living in any place where the air is still, and thrive where the air currents are strong. Because they move so often, there are many places in the world in which stripped and abandoned Windheart Iskani settlements can be found.

Home Sweet Home

Abandoned Windheart Iskani settlements are typically quite minimal in their construction, though their foundations often serve as great starting points for settlements or camps made by other races who stumble upon them.   The Windheart Iskani do sometimes return to these old settlements, if their travels take them in a circle back to their old homes, but they rarely mind finding that others had taken up residence in their absence.
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Free as the wind, and just as ruthless. Best to catch them on a pleasant breeze, and not the raging storm.
Born of Air by Polina Arteev
Skin Tones
White, Blue, Grey
Hair Colors
White, Blue, Grey
(Translucent Hair Common)
Elemental Features
Air-based features include: Floating Hair, Translucent Body Parts, Swirling Markings, Wind Blowing
Storm-based features include: Lightning-Shaped Markings, Crackling Lightning, Charred Skin
~140 years
Average Height

Eye of the Storm

Windheart Iskani who embody the storm are well known to have explosive personalities, but many assume that the rest do not share this trait. It is a dangerous assumption, that has taken others by surprise, when they get on the bad side of the otherwise carefree-seeming Windheart Iskani.

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