Tideheart Iskani

The waves lap at the shore every day, greeted by eager feet.
What will this day bring? We will find out soon enough.
For now, we dip our feet into the water.
And we think.
— Tideheart Proverb, paraphrased
  The Tideheart are a form of Iskani, born of the essence of the elemental plane of water. As beings drawn to water, these Iskani can be found living in wetlands, ocean shores, and any place where large bodies of water are nearby.

Born of Water

With the essence of water in their blood, the Tideheart Iskani are known to be a patient and adaptable people, masters of the ebb and flow that is the nature of water. With a somewhat laissez-faire approach to life, these Iskani observe their surroundings and find their own ways to adapt. Iskani born of water most frequently have skin tones in hues of blue, though they may range in other colors such as green, brown, and grey. The colors of their eyes, which typically come in the same range as their skin tones, sometimes swirl together as multi-colored irises.   The element of water may manifest itself in the Iskani as limbs formed of animated water, clouds of mist that hover close to the body, and having skin that always appears wet, among others. In those who are most connected to the ocean, in particular, may grow formations of coral on their bodies, or may have barnacles in patches on the body.

Hearts of Ice

Some Tideheart Iskani may take on the aspect of ice, rather than water. These reserved Iskani have the cold personalities one may expect, less carefree than their watery kin. Trading away the darker blues and browns seen in their kin, these Iskani born of ice are most often stark white in body and hair, though some take hues of light blue matching deep ocean ice. Many grow spikes or sheets of ice from their bodies, or have bodies that appear frostbitten in some places. It is common to see their frosty breath as they exhale, and some may have entire limbs formed of animated ice.

Shore Striders

It is said that, where there is water, there are Tideheart. In a sense, this is true, though Iskani of water will prefer occupying regions with direct access to large bodies of water. They may be seen living on the coasts of oceans, on the banks of major rivers, and around the world's major lakes. Wetlands and swamps are another common home for the Tideheart Iskani. Without direct access to water, Tideheart Iskani often suffer mentally before suffering any physical detriment, though the latter does eventually come.
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To ebb and flow with the tides is in the nature of water, and in the nature of some people as well. Few embody this the way they do.
Skin Tones
White, Blue, Green, Grey, Brown
Hair Colors
White, Blue, Green, Grey, Brown
Elemental Features
Water-based features include: Limbs Formed of Water, Appearing Wet, Coral Formations, Mist
Ice-based features include: Ice Spikes, Frosty Hair, Appearance of Frostbite, Limbs Formed of Ice
~150 years
Average Height

With the Tides

Just as the tides rise and fall, the Tideheart Iskani find themselves rising and falling with the cycles of the world. When the tides are high, populations swell with energy, and the greatest of the Tideheart's works are achieved. When the tides are low, the populations rest.   The atmosphere in a Tideheart city changes like night and day between the peaks of low and high tide periods.


There are many who seek the wisdom of the Tideheart Iskani, due to their ability to handle change with grace. Attributing this quality to some manner of clairvoyance, visitors seek out those they call "fatespeakers," that they might advise them on how to handle life's challenges and what lies ahead.

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