The Tideguard

Our sacred duty, it is, to protect our people, to protect our Oracle. Should you threaten either one, know that you will be met not only with my blade, but the blades of the entire Tideguard. In fact, you may not even notice just how quickly we may be upon you, in that instant.
— Tideguard Speaker
  The Tideguard is a small, dedicated force which protects the Tideheart Iskani Oracle at all costs.

Defending the Visions

Though conflict rarely sees the home of the Iskani Oracle, there are still times where it does and, in the past, this has been a bloody event in which many lives are given in defense of the fabled seer. To prevent such losses, the Tideheart worked to form an elite force, alongside their own small army, which might defend their people and dispatch enemies more efficiently.

Shell Blades

Equipped with specialized blades constructed of a mixed composition of strong metals and razor-sharp sea shells, the Tideguard is a force many often underestimate. Their armor and weaponry almost appears to be more ornamental than functional, placing a high value on impressive appearance in addition to function.

Preventing What Once Was

The Tideguard was formed in the wake of one final bloody battle in which many Iskani lives were lost in the defense of the Oracle. The defense was a success, in the end, but the cost deemed too great to allow to happen again. Thus, the Tideguard was born, and has trained incessantly since to ensure its people were safe from outside harm.
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