The Siege of Eletta

The tears we shed for this day will be felt for ages to come. Somehow, even moreso than the blood we shed in this siege. Our hearts break louder than the gates, this day.   Never did we believe that we would see a day where our beloved neighbor knocked at our gates, not with good tidings, but with a battering ram.   Where did we go wrong?
— Eletta civilian, at the first sign of siege
  The Siege of Eletta was a military conflict between the city of Eletta and its near neighbor, Kintelen. The conflict began so suddenly that Eletta's leadership did not discover its cause until after its resolution.

Unforeseen Conflict

Prior to this brutal siege, the cities of Eletta and Kintelen were well known close allies. So close, in fact, that visitors from each city were often given the same welcome and treatment as local residents within city walls. Even the leadership seemed genuinely amicable between the two cities, and showed no signs of tension or deceit.   When Eletta's gates fell, the distress of its people was brought to the attention of the Church of Dawn, which sent its forces to aid in the defense of the city. In time, with the assistance of the Church and its Dawnwardens securing the city gates, the violent conflict came to an end. The diplomatic conflict, however, continued for years beyond the end of combat.

The True Cause

Uncovering Kintelen's reasons for bringing war to Eletta only served to deepen the tensions between the cities. In the weeks prior to the siege, Eletta received a gift from the Church of Dawn: a relic of Nhaderys, which the city promptly displayed within its main cathedral.   Taking this as an affront to their own devotion to the goddess, Kintelen initiated the siege in an attempt to claim the relic for themselves. After the resolution of combat, when their reasons came to light, the Church of Dawn revealed to Kintelen that they had every intention of granting a similar relic to their city. However, given their cruel and unjust actions, the Church declared them unworthy of such a gift.
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We hate to see good friends fight, even if for good reason. There was a reason, right?

Conflict Type

Ruined Relations

As one might expect, this siege toppled any friendship between these two cities, unfortunately extending even to the civilians with no involvement with the siege. This meant that the cities no longer openly interacted or traded with one another, and travel between the cities was cut almost entirely.

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