The Fountain Mind

They say a being of water sits atop the mountain, her spirit bright, her mind a fountain
There she sits, so far above us all, they say she can see us and when we fall
Maybe one day she'll come on down, and she can tell us why we frown   Did I get it right? The pacing is kind of awkward on this, you know...
— Young Village Girl
  The Fountain Mind is a myth told in the small village of Yati, among others, of the fabled Tideheart Iskani Oracle, the greatest diviner of the age.

A Tall Tale

The myth of the Fountain Mind is told by many different peoples, primarily those of faithkept origin, namely the Boharin. The myth speaks of an Iskani oracle who can divine the future and holds the key to demise and victory alike. Often framed as a light tale to tell the children, few place any great deal of trust in the truth of the myth, assuming this oracle is a made up character in a story.

Mystifying Neighbors

This is a myth often told by those who do not share lands with the water iskani populations to whom the Oracle was native. The water iskani often live in regions where magic is less freely-flowing or common. Thus, the people who live outside of their homelands often see them as mysteries, and cannot help themselves but to speak of their custom in myths and stories. The common folk know them to be uniquely magical beings -- often Boharin are the ones to spread the most stories.   For as long as people have known of the water iskani themselves, there have been myths about their ways and their customs.
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Central Nefyran (continent)

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