The Fall of Arsaces

Look upon your beloved queen, now, and see only the truth before you!
She is a heretic! A consort to demons!
Be you not ashamed of letting this darkness into your hearts?
Through your love you have been blinded!
We will show you truth. Justice.
Divine wrath comes for those who follow her.
The souls of our devoted will be spared.
— High Exarch Antonius Ral
The Fall of Arsaces was a startlingly brief conflict leading to the end of the Arsaces Monarchy.

A Pattern and a Precedent

The conflict which led to the death of Queen Serena Danica Melor Arsaces was one brought upon by violent zealotry, an issue which the monarchy had historically fought against, knowing how wildly it can sway the minds of otherwise peaceful people. They knew the pattern zealots followed and hoped to stop the brainwashing and misinformation they spread.  

The Hand of a God

The Alabaster Hand operated as a tightly-woven monastic network, and hid much of its growing zealotry and wickedness from both the monarchy and the people for decades before the conflict arose. The moment they had a chance to strike, they did so, absolutely gutting the monarchy and taking the place of rulers within Aurel.
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