The Alabaster Hand

We are protectors of this kingdom. Nay, this world. Where darkness and its ilk breeds, there we sow the seeds of purity. It is solely by our vigilance that it takes root.   We are the Purifier's Hand.
— High Exarch Antonius Ral
  The Alabaster Hand is a religious order which follows in the values and tenets set by Atreimus, the Purifier. Originating in the very beginnings of the New Dawn, the Alabaster Hand is among the oldest institutions of faith in all of Malkora, having been created by the great Boharin champion of The New Dawn.  


The Alabaster Hand was formed as a force whose primary directive was to protect the Boharin kingdoms, and those who shared its borders. Its mission is to train the populace to fight and fend for itself, in a time where the forces of evil grew especially desperate and cruel.  


While the coming of The New Dawn brought light back to Malkora, the darkness did not recede willingly. In fact, it only became bolder as its forces sought to defend their dominion over the lands. The champion of the Boharin, Nessir Lirdrith, was the first to begin training warriors and medics to battle the evil forces which threatened his lands. When met by Kora in her expeditions, he was still an ordinary man; after leading his people into battle and fighting bravely, inspired by Kora's words of hope, Nessir was formally named one of the champions of Dawn.   When the time came for Nessir to take his place in the Council of the Ascended, it was through his will and The New Dawn's power that Atreimus, the Purifier was born, the first god in the Boharin pantheon. Atreimus was built of the same values and convictions that allowed Nessir's people to keep the dark armies at bay, and became their patron god. With the birth of Atreimus, Nessir's armies were bolstered and given blessings of light which gave them the ability to wield the power to smite evil and to heal wounds. In time, the god's most devoted worshipers and the armies which defended the land came to be known as The Alabaster Hand.
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