Tales of Fogstone

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She felt clumsily for the stone wall, desperately trying to keep her balance on the harrowing path, but where there should have been stone there was naught.   Her hand passed without resistance through the stone face which sent her plummeting forward, into the eager arms of the beast which sought to make a meal of her.
— Excerpt from a Tale of Fogstone
  Tales of Fogstone are a collection of myths and tales told among the people of Lithica in the Earthen Kingdoms.

Mirage Stones

As a nation constructed betwixt plentiful jagged and irregular stones, paired with a tropical heat which makes the vision dance as heat rises from the stones which surround it, many tales exist of mirage-like forms which trick the eye. The Tales of Fogstone, in particular, tell stories of more nefarious mirages, and beings which conjure them.   The stories of Fogstone range from wholly benign to heinously violent, and there is often no telling which stories have basis in truth, though some have proven to be more than simple fables over time.

The Stonewitch and her Minions

The best-known Fogstone tale is that of the stonewitch, Jinarka, and her cruel minions. While the tales state that the witch herself is long passed, a memory of an age long gone, her minions yet remain, and seek to continue her mission of destruction and pain. Thus, these minions hide themselves amidst the stones of the environment, cloaking themselves in images of stone while awaiting their next victims. To be under the watch of such a minion is said to put victims into states of deep anxiety and distress over time, with the creatures only revealing themselves to descend upon their prey once they are weakened.   From this tale was born a number of cultural phrases, largely revolving around the idea of "having minions about." It is common for residents of Lithica to use descriptors such as "under watch by tiny eyes," or as "favorite of the minions," when their subject is experiencing great emotional distress for no discernible reason. Some may say, "minions peer through my windows," or other variants of the same notion, to describe days where their own anxiety seems too much to bear.
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Viewed as equal parts myth and belief among the Lithine, perhaps even as a bestiary to some
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Stonemarking is a cultural practice which has become popular among the Lithine over time, as a way of deterring the fabled creatures who hide themselves among the stones the people of Lithica call home.   This practice earned Lithica the name, "The Land of Painted Cities."

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