SummerCamp 2021 Pledge

I'm so proud of the work I've done for SummerCamp 20XX! I'll definitely go back through these articles and show them some love once the event hype settles!
— Me, lying to myself each year
  It's very nearly that wonderful time of the year where my worldbuilding ventures kick into overdrive! Dwarfed only by WorldEmber in intensity, SummerCamp has been, for the last few years, a time where I put my all into busting out content and adding to this little project I call Malkora.   However, therein lies an issue: busting out content. I realize now that the energy behind "busting out" content is one of frenzy, panic, rush. Working with too much haste has been a downfall of my process in many ways. I love this project dearly, and wish to treat it that way. I wish to write with love and care, and to be mindful of every detail I so diligently place into my writings.

Questions of the Hour

Which project are your worldbuilding efforts tied to?
I don't currently have any major projects planned for my world, but I thought I might make SummerCamp itself into a focused project in its own right!   I hope to take this opportunity to create more history and better develop the Iskani and perhaps craft other Worldspirit races of Malkora. Hence, I have titled SummerCamp 2021: Elemental Malkora!
What world are you working on?
Through SummerCamp, I am continuing to work on my world Malkora, Realm of the New Dawn. This long-running project of mine is one I have slowly added new information and developments to over the years.   I hope that someday soon I may consolidate the words I've thrown together, and create a cohesive, living world, in which I may stage stories, games, and other adventures.

Which area of the world(s) are you working on?
As of now, I have developed only a portion of a single continent of my world. This is not a bad thing by any means, but I hope I may broaden my horizons and create general ideas of what the rest of my world may look like, beyond mysterious shapes on the map.   While developing my Worldspirits, I hope that their intensely varied lifestyles may take me to new places in my world!
How much are you aiming to complete?
We're going all the way, baby! Ha, but really, I was able to complete every prompt of SummerCamp last year, and hope to do the same in 2021, though ideally this time with better planning and less procrastinating.   If I can get all of my prompts done in a few days, imagine what I may be able to accomplish if I just take some extra time for my work!

When will you write?
When, indeed! I am notoriously bad to sticking with a schedule, but I plan to write each day, to some capacity. This may present itself as sessions where I plan several articles in advance, decide my topics, or even take time for research.   In the end, I really hope to make some manner of progress each day. If I can do that, the wordcount will hit me before I even notice!
Who is your support network?
I am blessed to have a number of deeply enthusiastic friends who adore seeing my work. With their encouragement, I know that I can do anything!   And with the support of the WorldAnvil community as a whole, I know I have an entire extended network that I can seek out whenever I feel stuck or am in need of a helpful hand who is just as passionate as I am.
Curate your experience!

Game Masters: Know all of the secrets!
Players: Learn through exploration!
It's hard to keep up with big projects when you don't set goals and reflect!
Goals & Explanations
  • Don't Wait - Procrastination is my biggest killer during events.
  • Stay Focused - I tend to write on many scattered topics.
  • Plan Ahead - I often rush into events with no direction.
  • Illustrate - For an artist, I display very little of my own art.

My Shiny Goal
Did you see that last goal, right above? Illustrate? Like I said, for an artist, I sure do have very little of my art displayed in Malkora's many articles! I hope that I can produce some manner of artwork for each article I write this year. This is a very lofty goal, considering I have very little time for going above and beyond, but that's what this is! Above and beyond. I am simply eager to see what I may come up with as I go along.
My Pledge
As the master of this world I, Line, pledge to take part in SummerCamp 2021 and, in doing so, approach this event with spirit and a hunger for creating! I pledge to see each prompt as a realm of possibilities, and to not limit myself by rigid structures which may hinder my explorations. I pledge to write about the things that fill me with excitement, to summon forth the ideas that intrigue me, and to present them with all of the beauty they hold within my own mind.

Organizing My Worldbuilding


I set up the categories for my world long ago, and feel they need some reworking. How, exactly, I have yet to discover. Though I do believe that races is a good one to keep, as well as deities and regions. Maybe deities can be reworked into something akin to pantheons or faiths in the future.   People and characters sounds fun, but is currently deeply disorganized. Over time, I will amass so many people that I need to remove or rework the category to find new homes for the articles.
by iamtheline via WorldAnvil


I try to keep a particular layout with my articles, in and out of challenges, but I imagine having this document prepared will save me so much time!  
Standard Article Layout
Generic article | Jun 16, 2022

Images for Inspiration

My focus for this year's SummerCamp is the Iskani! For some inspiration, I'm looking to the illustration I made myself this past month, and several explorations created with Artbreeder!   I didn't want to go too terribly down the rabbithole that is that site, but I tried to play with it enough to get some visual representations of these people I'm creating.   I may add some other images, like landscapes and other cool images to my inspo board, but this is my jumping off point!

Organization Checklist

Let's create a little to-do list for ourselves, just to stay on track:
  Cut Down Redundant Articles
Reformat World Categories
Set Up Virtual Workspace
-- Create Dedicated SC File Folder
-- Reacquaint Myself with Digital Resources
-- Gather Maps / Image Materials

Article Release Plan

t Inspiration
t Content
t Formatting
t Proofreading
t Sharing
t Discussion
This is my general outline for SummerCamp 2021 articles. Now that I put it this way, it seems like a good way to plan content going forward!   In essence, I am surrounding myself with ideas before and after creating new content, and getting more social about it all!

Step One: Get Inspired!
Unpack the prompt at hand!
See what others are working on!
Find/create inspo images!
Get some good writing music!
Step Two: Plan the Article!
Figure out the article subject!
Identify potential links to existing content!
Make notes of branching ideas!
Write the actual article!
Step Three: Make it Pretty!
Have my Standard Article Layout handy!
Make sure written content fits in template!
Adjust paragraph content where needed!
Step Four: Polish that Content!
Scan for spelling errors!
Keep an eye out for funky grammar!
Make sure all links are set properly!
Add links and hover text where needed!
Step Five: Get It Out There!
Share articles and ideas on social media!
Post updates!
Share artwork!
Step Six: Engage the Community!
Be more active in various communities!
Share my work, and read others', too!
Get feedback on articles!
Spread positivity!

Social Media

Support the Project!
I'm an artist, first and foremost! But I hope that my artist side and worldbuilder side can marry beautifully! As such, much of my Patreon content moving forward is going to include my worldbuilding thoughts, artwork, and more! Patreon is the place to go if one seeks to support the creation of Malkora's content!
Social Profiles
There are many places you can find me and my work! If you're interested in my work, please consider following!

t Instagram | Strixxline
t Twitter | Strixxline
t Youtube | Strixxline
t Reddit | iamthelineart
Join some Reddit communities!
Post SummerCamp updates and content on Twitter/Instagram
Chat with the community on Discord!
Get to know my new chapter, Seven Tomes!
Plan some Patreon content!
Make some Youtube content!

See my event progress and articles on my SummerCamp 2021 | Elemental Malkora article!

Cover image: by Strixxline


Author's Notes

If you liked this article, consider giving it a Like, and leave a comment with your thoughts! Malkora has a whole lot more to offer, so go check out other articles! Want to support this project? Consider supporting me on Patreon! I am an artist, writer, and worldbuilder, and would love to see this project bloom into so much more!

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Good luck! :D Your quote at the beginning is a mood, hahaha. I love your goal of trying to do some illustrations. <3

17 Jun, 2021 17:30

Thank you! :D I'm really looking forward to getting some good work done this year! I hope you have a great SummerCamp too!

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Absolutely love how you're planning to write! It allows a lot of focus and sometimes, even putting work into organizing or researching something will do a load of good towards finishing the actual article! I wish you all the luck for Summer Camp and can't wait to read! ^_^

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This much organization is something I've never done for an event before! But I'm super glad I did! I feel like this is super helpful already. Thanks so much for stopping by! <3

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