Strike Upon the Caldera

There is great cruelty in this world. I foresaw the possibility, but thought I may prevent it. Goes to show that even an elder seer can make a fool of herself, by thinking herself bigger than fate itself.
— Iskani Oracle
  The Strike Upon the Caldera was a conflict initiated by the settlement Elken, resulting in an assault on the Tideheart Iskani home in central Nefyran's great lake.

Ways to See a Myth

Many who have heard the Fountain Mind myth treated it as a story to tell their children, simple fantasies and tall tales to delight in, and spread the mystery of the world. Others, in a more sinister fashion, came to interpret the myth as a conquest waiting to be taken. Many have considered this option, but only one has ever opted to follow through, and this was the city of Elken, to the caldera's south.

Blood in the Water

The leap to bloodshed was not an immediate one. On the contrary, the Elken came at first claiming peace. Their leader was the first to display aggression, and it came when he began to make demands of the Iskani, to greet their Oracle and to use her services. Like many others, he was enticed by the potential which lay in the word of a diviner. However, when he was denied this service, and turned away by the Oracle herself, all pretense of peace was shattered, and the soldiers he brought with him in the journey turned on the people.

Too High a Cost

The Oracle survived, in the end, ending the conflict in the Iskani's favor, but it came at too high a cost on both sides. Most of the attackers were slain, along with a large number of Iskani. From this conflict was the Tideguard born, a force which protects the Iskani Oracle and people.
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So often, men are peaceful until they are denied what they believe is theirs by right.
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