Songs of Air

I could swear I heard a whistle on the wind. No, I know the wind whistles through the rocks, but this was different! It had a tune, a melody. It was as though someone, out in the crags, was practicing their best whistle song.   Wait, no, that's not what it was! I swear it! There was no one else there, I checked! And it felt so close...
— Isle of Celerity Traveler
  The Songs of Air is a myth which is often told of the Howling Obelisk on the Isle of Celerity.

Beware the Obelisk

This myth is told by those who live on the island itself, and sometimes those of the lands nearby, warning of the Howling Obelisk that stands in the center of the Isle of Celerity, in southwest nefyran. The myth extends to the canyons and crags of the island where the obelisk is located, where winds blow the strongest and surround the obelisk.   Though there are many myths surrounding this one landmark, the songs of air is relatively new in the history of the region. This myth tells of songs heard floating on the wind in the areas near the obelisk. There are many claims as to where they originate, and conversely there are many who have approached the obelisk and heard no such songs. Of course, where winds blow strongly and through the forms of many shapes, strange sounds are bound to follow. Some may mishear these sounds and take them as something else, lending to the myth. Though travelers claim to hear song on the wind, as though disembodied voices sang or tried to speak to them.
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Many myths involve song, but not all rely so heavily on the pattern of the winds.
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