Redpin Quill

Five sets of quills scratched across the parchment, the motions almost completely in sync. It seemed they were writing the same words, and I wondered so hard, what those words were...
— Ritual Witness
  The redpin quill is a writing utensil used during Tideheart Iskani divination rituals involving writing.

An Ancient Implement

Since ancient times, this has been a ritualistic item utilized by the Tideheart oracles in divination. Crafted from the red-pointed feather of a rare water bird known as the redpin heron, these items remain a commonly used ritual tool in a large number of rituals, many of which involve writing or drawing various shapes and diagrams.   These quills are meticulously well-cared for, and much care is taken in their use. Treasured items, the Iskani who use them often endeavor to only ever require one in their lifetime. Rare as the plumes may be to find, additional feathers are often passed up by those who already have a quill of their own. In the event an accident occurs and a replacement is required, an additional ritual is completed to put the original quill to rest and to pass its mantle to its successor.

Redpin Reverence

The redpin heron, from whom these plumes are obtained, is fabled to be a natural diviner, and to carry the spiritual properties needed to connect with the energies which allow divination. These plumes may not be directly sourced from the body of these birds, but must be found as lost or shed feathers. The Tideheart of central Nefyran revere these birds, and forbid the plucking of them for this reason. It is also said that any who pluck a redpin to make their quills will receive wondrous visions of the future, but they shall be false and ruinous in their effect.
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