If the heat doesn't get you, the falling rocks might!   Hah! Oh. Don't worry, I'm just joking around. Well, probably. Keep a helmet on, kid.
— Senior Quarryman, Merroun
  Merroun is a settlement in Bolkan known for its quarries which collect copious amounts of volcanic stone.

Fields of Gray

Located close to the region's center, this humble settlement sees its fair share of travel and trade. Though the settlement occupies a large chunk of the map, the settlement of Merroun is, in itself, rather small. Much of its spatial presence lies in its many expansive quarries, from which most of the region, and lands beyond, receive slabs of dark, volcanic stone in many varying sizes.

A Loved Stone

The settlement is best known for producing Bolkhyn andesite, named simply for the people living in the region. This stone can be seen in use all throughout the region in decorative pieces in courtyards and gardens, a common pick for statues and stonework. In some areas of Bolkan, streets are paved with the textured stone, giving several Bolkhyn cities dark pathways for roads, which are often quite stunning in their own right.

Volcanic Homes

The lands around Merroun are known to be plagued with more volcanic activity than other areas in Bolkan, leading to frequent relocations and adjustments to the settlement's location. Many of Merroun's quarries periodically refill with lava, cooling and hardening into new deposits of volcanic stone for harvest. Because of the constant need for relocation, though generally minor, the settlement is inhabited primarily by workers who work the quarries and maintain the stone trade.
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All of the stone within the region had to come from somewhere, don't you think?
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