Mapvember 2022 | Calm in the Chaos

This month, we navigate something I've rather neglected: mapping out the world! Putting things in places where they should be! And confronting the fact that I've written a lot of things that retcon my old maps... so I'm kind of starting from scratch.
  Welcome to Mapvember 2022! I'm excited to finally put more visuals to my world! The goal of this year's Mapvember is to help me prep for the one and only WorldEmber!   Care to take a closer look at the world I've been building?
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Map of Northeast Nefyran by Strixxline

Calm in the Chaos

For prompt #27: Haven   I introduce you now to a section of Malkora I hope to explore in greater depth over the course of WorldEmber! This map includes regions which were the first to be created in my world, and housed its first stories and player experiences. Things have changed a lot, since then. So... new maps are in order!
Though Malkora is a land of ever-shifting environments, there are pockets of the world in which the lands have remained largely unchanged for millennia.   Northeastern Nefyran, in the lands east of the Rhonsoril Mountain Range (with such regions as Terramarre, Uris Braena, and the Hearthwood) have seen little change throughout recorded history, if any at all.  
Do they rest upon more stable leylines? Are there forces controling the emergence of the leylines? These are mysteries few have explored, and even fewer have found conclusive answers to.

Map of Terramarre by Strixxline

Fertile Ground: Terramarre

For prompt #29: Harvest   For now, I shall focus on Terramarre, which will likely be the star of the upcoming WorldEmber event! This was one of the first regions which came to be in Malkora's creation, but it has changed a great deal since then. Ought to get started rewriting it all.
Aurel is a region dominated by agriculture, and boasting precious little, if any, magical influence. This is a stark contrast to its neighbor, Hearthwood, though few of Terramarre's residents will ever venture near enough to it to witness this magic for themselves.   In fact, most may not even know such a thing exists.
Travel is a luxury few can afford in Terramarre. Though it may be one of the safest environments in all of Malkora, it still takes a great deal of work to maintain a life here. Such labor can seldom be put off in favor of an extended leave of absence.

The City of Aurel

Aurel is the regal capital which sits upon the high rise at Terramarre's approximate center. Though this city once shone as a safe haven and hub for those of all walks of life, this reputation has rapidly begun to chip away beneath new leadership. As the castle grounds grow more opulent, and noble districts swallow more of the city as several civilian districts remain in war-torn ruin, the common folk see less of themselves in the city with each passing day.
Here are some looks at an early concept for what some of Aurel's districts may look like...

Seat of the Hand

For prompt #9: Palace   Aurel and its marvelous Castle Amsa were once occupied by the Arsaces royal family, a well-loved monarchy. This great castle and its kingdom have since been claimed by the Alabaster Hand, who have striven to transform both in the image of their passionate faith in Atreimus, the Purifier.  

Grand Exchange

For prompt #28: Spice   The trade district of Aurel is dominated by agricultural products of all kinds, though many imports from the nearby Uris Braena are sold within these markets.  

Only the Finest

For prompt #19: Crystal   What the commoners have access to, surely the nobility must have better. Thus, we see the gold quarter and its "Fairmarket," which hosts goods of impeccable quality, exclusive to the city's elite.  


Rebuilding What Was Lost

For prompt #12: Ruins

Many Dead

For prompt #10: Cemetery
Working on these last two images has me wondering what funerary traditions may look like in Terramarre, and how they may differ between the greater city and the more rustic homesteads which make up the majority of the settlements beyond Aurel's walls.   This may just be a perfect topic to explore in more detail during WorldEmber!

Cover image: by Strixxline


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