Kamini Sweetmeats

Three cheers for the adventurer, who ate every last bite, and only cried for several minutes!
— Elated Bolkhyn innkeep
  Kamini sweetmeats are a dish of assorted candies and treats, often pastries and dried local fruits and vegetables, sweetened with ambergum.

An Adventurer's First Trial

These treats are often presented to new foreign adventurers in Kamigon as a rite of passage. The flavors within a dish of Kamini sweetmeats are highly varied, ranging from delicate sweets to intense spice, all coated with a sweet ambergum glaze to unify them. The locals delight in seeing the range of emotions foreigners display as they sample the different flavors of Kamini sweetmeats, and those who handle well even the hottest of the selection are celebrated and often welcomed as an "honorary local" by the establishment which provided the dish.   As word gets around that a new traveler has earned the title, the people of Kamigon will welcome the individual with open arms, eager to share more of their culture. Even those who cannot handle the spice are celebrated simply for taking part in the tradition. Though they lose the bragging rights for not finishing the dish, they are still more than welcome among the Kamini.

Or Their First Quest

Ambergum glaze is not a particularly cheap sweetener, as the eftbulbs used as a primary ingredient can be quite expensive, but many establishments will be glad to provide a free sample platter of Kamini sweetmeats to adventurers who are brand new to Bolkan. Many will even opt to send the adventurers on their first quest in the region, harvesting a handful of eftbulbs in the wild and turning them in, after which they receive a dish of Kamini sweetmeats prepared with the ingredients they helped gather.   This is a practice not many recommend, given the dangers posed by the local landscape, though the bulbs are not the greatest challenge to find if one knows where to seek them out. There is a lax feud between the establishments which do and do not condone this quest-giving practice, with those who do often telling their opposition to, "give the adventurers some credit, they already made it this far, didn't they?"
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Local Cuisine

Honorary Local
The title of honorary local does not truly earn an adventurer much beyond a more amicable relationship with the populace, who will still hold foreigners at arm's length beyond their friendly and curious interactions.

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