Fire burns within your heart
A black ice fills your soul
Of storm you make the finest art
And earth would make you whole   Do beware winds of the north
Salt blows from ocean deep
To places you may venture forth
To earn the Worldspirit's keep
— Old Song of the North
  The Iskani are a race of people which have the essence of the elements flowing within their blood. As one of the Worldspirit races, their origins lie in the most primordial energies of the world of Malkora.
Iskani Concepts by Polina Arteev (strixxline)

Blood of the Elements

With elemental magic flowing through their veins, the Iskani are deeply connected to the natural magics by which the world is constructed and functions. Though the leylines may sometimes influence natural forces of the world, the primordial elements are their own formidable force of magic; it is from these elements that the Iskani are born.   Each individual Iskani carries in their blood a particular element, the most common being earth or water. Rarely, an Iskani may have up to two elements fighting within them for dominance, which often leads to bizarre physical manifestations and can introduce a great deal of chaos to their life, until either a dominant element is established or the Iskani learns to contain both.
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Goes to show, there are very few environments in which none can make their homes.

140-160 years
Average Height
Varied; 5'2"-6'4" avg.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Varied by element

Not Exactly Inhospitable

Most Iskani civilizations are just that: Iskani civilizations. Despite not being known to have any issue with other races, very few Iskani settlements will feature other races living amongst their populations; many visitors to Iskani lands find that it is not the people who are inhospitable, but the lands themselves.   It is not unheard of for those of other races, who become attuned to the elements through means other than birth, to find themselves able to live among the Iskani of their attuned element, and the added touch of diversity is often welcomed by more isolated settlements.

Price of Comfort

If given the choice, many Iskani would prefer to live in less harsh environments, allowing them to better intermingle with other races and cultures. Unfortunately, many find these extremes to be the bare minimum for living comfortably.   Taking extended trips away from their homes is one way the Iskani cope with this involuntary isolation, but most will return home once the change in environment has taken its toll. Those who are able to handle living in environments less tailored to their physical needs often do so, for the sake of a more diverse living experience.

Primordial Hearts

Many, when thinking of the nature of Worldspirit races, find themselves intimidated by the prospect of races who carry the essence of the elements within them. The leylines are often perceived as a very whimsical source of magic, wondrous and free-flowing. The elements, however, are raw and unpredictable. The Iskani are often quite the same, having unstable temperaments.   The Iskani vary greatly in their physiology; their size and shape, as well as colorations of skin, hair, and other features, differ between the different types of Iskani. Iskani skin tones typically come in shades of grey at their base, ranging from extremely light to extremely dark, with the potential for more colorful pigmentation dependent on element. An Iskani's element may manifest itself physically on the body as well, resulting in unusual growths or parts of the body constructed of elemental material.


Bringing with them the scent of brimstone, and a volatile temper, the Flameheart Iskani carry with them both the fury and elegance of the elemental plane of fire. Built to withstand blistering temperatures, these Iskani are often found in lands marked by extreme heat and volcanic activity.


With the depth and patience wrought from the earth itself, the Earthheart Iskani are shaped and molded by the strength and ancient wisdom of the elemental plane of earth. Known to be an extremely hardy people, these Iskani are often found in landscapes built of stone and raw earth, or deep underground.


Free in body and spirit, Windheart Iskani possess the adventurous heart and tempestuous nature attributed to the elemental plane of air. Not quite as light and carefree as some may think, these flighty Iskani tend not to stay grounded in one place for long, and seldom go where the wind does not blow.


With an aura of relaxation and adaptability, the Tideheart Iskani are beings ruled by the ebb and flow that is the nature of the elemental plane of water. Found almost anywhere that large bodies of water are common, these wise Iskani make their homes anywhere from wetlands to the stormy seas.

Hostile Comforts

Iskani populations are not common, by any means, but their numbers can be large in regions where their people have laid their roots. Bearing the boon of the elemental planes, they often find their homes in environments which do not lend themselves to supporting other life, and are thus surrounded by unusual, and often magical, flora and fauna.   Those born of fire can be found living in scorching crags littered with magma pools, for example, though they may suffer greatly, in long-term exposure, in extremely wet and cold environments. This is the case for every type of Iskani, with preferred conditions depending on their element. For many, even living outside of their preferred conditions can stand to be too much.

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