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Gold Port

We command a gold you can never understand, newcomer. It's one you have to work for even a chance to touch.   So, get to working.
— Tilbari portsman
Gold Port is an industrial port city located in Stykker. Inhabited largely by fishermen and laborers, the city is known for its jealously guarded monopoly on the capture and trade of Tilbak.  

Gilded Blood

Sitting on the shore of the Gilded Reefs, Gold Port earned its name through its status as the dominating presence in the global tilbak trade. The city itself was among the first to protest the increased taxation on tilbak exports in Undmar prior to the Gold War, all but prompting the The Gold War and continuing to influence much of Stykker's post-war political and economic climate.
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Post-war Politics
When the council refused to yield, protests turned into a war known to many as the Gold War. When the council leader was later dispatched, and Undmär was split into two separate nations, Gold Port declined offers to be made Eastern Undmär's capital, choosing instead to focus on its industry. Despite an initial desire to stay removed from the inner ring of the nation's politics, Gold Port often finds itself heavily influencing policies surrounding commerce and industry.
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The city of Gold Port is one inhabited primarily by dedicated fishing families who live traditionally and simply. Houses in Gold Port prioritize simplicity and function, the goal being productivity. Before the Gold War , it was most common to have only one floor in a home. Now, due to a resurgence in tilbak fishing, homes are expanding and some one-separate homes are now connected as multi-family residences. These homes are filled with storage space such as shelving, containers, and more, ensuring there is always a place for the things a family owns. Outdoor lawn space is a rarity, though people still love plants. Residents hang pots of plants and flowers, bringing color and life to homes and streets alike. Window boxes full of flowers are a common sight, as well as local florists selling plants out of their homes. Flooding has always been an issue with homes in Gold Port, and as such, most are built slightly elevated on support beams which hold them above the ground. Homes closer to the shore are often built higher to avoid higher tides, and may appear more ramshackle than homes further inland, as pieces of wood need to be patched up or replaced due to water damage.   Those who inhabit Gold Port are often referred to as Tilbari, as a nod to the tilbak they industriously fish up.   Gold Port is an industrious fishing city, known for its command over the Gilded Reefs. The city has an international edge for its monopoly on tilbak, a species of gold, gleaming fish from which the Gilded Reefs and Gold Port both derive their names.   Heavy taxation of tilbak sales, initially instated to combat overfishing, drove many coastal cities, including Gold Port, into near poverty. As quality of life in the inland cities improved while the coastal cities suffered, the citizens of Gold Port were the first to protest and push for reform.   Gold Port is located on the southeastern coast of Stykker. Situated at the center of the stretch of the Gilded Reef which wraps around the entirety of Stykker’s oceanic borders, the city is in a prime location for taking advantage of the resource-rich reef.

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