Glimhare's Salve

I thought I could beat it on my own, I'll be honest with you. Just sleep it off, you know? Surely if I didn't scratch at it, it would calm down in but a few days. I.. should have been treated sooner, I admit. Proud, I was, to think I could fight through this unassisted.   What a fool I am! A poor, scarred fool. Would that I knew how simple the solution was this entire time...
— Recovered Snake Rot Victim
  Glimhare's salve is a treatment for the condition known as Snake Rot.

A Cure for the Itch

Snake rot is an agonizing and disfiguring condition and should be treated before long. Luckily, for those afflicted, this cure is a simple and accessible one. Crafted by local apothecaries, most medics and natives to the regions near to The Hearthwood keep a modest stock of this salve.   Though infection rates are rare, the severity of the infection, and its lasting effects, have given the people cause to always be prepared, in the event one of their own has a fated encounter with one of the infectious viridian spiral-caps.

The Nonmagic Touch

Though the origin of both this affliction and its salve is a region brimming with magic, these are remarkably mundane in illness and treatment. The affliction, caused by fungal infection, found its cure soon after the first cases of snake rot were discovered. Local flora yielded strong results in treating the serpentine rash, often better results than most healing magics.
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From nightmare to peace in but a day's rest. Best avoid the fungus, regardless, I say.
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1 Aug, 2021 04:18

I would hate to have something so bad that, even though it's rare, people proactively prepare for it. Great article :)

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